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While the Atkins diet was a novel approach to weight loss when it was first introduced, there have been quite a few similar diets established in the years since Dr. Atkins' book was first published in 1972. Low carb eating has become one of the most common approaches to weight loss, wellness, and weight maintenance. The Atkins Diet was created by Dr. Robert Atkins, a cardiologist whose interest in the health benefits of low-carb diets first culminated in the 1972 book “Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution ... The Atkins diet promotes weight loss through a low-carbohydrate diet. Backers of the Atkins diet say it can also prevent or improve many health conditions, including high blood pressure and heart ... * The average person can expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Results may vary. Weight loss is influenced by exercise, food consumed and diet. * FREE 1-3 Day Shipping on Orders Over $99 from ©2020 Simply Good Foods USA, Inc. What Is The Atkins Diet? This is probably one of the most popular, well-known diets of the last decade. Basically, the Akins diet is a type of low-carbohydrate diet, pioneered by the late Robert Atkins.. As far as modern diets go, it has actually been around for quite a long time – originally being published in the journal of the American Medical Association in 1963 – but only started to ... The Atkins diet is also known as the Atkins Nutritional Approach. It is the most marketed and well-known low-carbohydrate diet. It was developed by Dr. Robert Atkins in the 1960s from a diet he read about in the Journal of The American Medical Association. The Atkins diet is a low carb diet where the body burns more calories than on other diets because ketosis occurs. It is a kind of ketogenic diet, though protein intake is typically higher, and fat ... The Atkins diet is a low-carb diet, usually recommended for weight loss. Proponents of this diet claim that you can lose weight while eating as much protein and fat as you want, as long as you ... The Atkins 20 Plan is the original Atkins diet that has helped millions lose weight. You begin the four phases with limited carb intake, and then gradually add in certain foods week after week to reach your weight goals. Start with 20 grams of net carbs a day (Phase 1, Induction). The Atkins diet eliminates some nutrients and this could cause deficiencies and other health problems in the future. Since there is a limited intake of bone-building calcium you could be at increased risk of Osteoporosis. A very limited intake of antioxidant nutrients could cause problems such as heart disease, cancer, and premature aging.

Atkins Nutritional Approach: Positive articles or intelligent criticism only please

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2010.05.27 02:35 jarly Keto: The Home for Ketogenic Diets

The Ketogenic Diet is a low carbohydrate method of eating. /keto is place to share thoughts, ideas, benefits, and experiences around eating within a Ketogenic lifestyle. Helping people with diabetes, epilepsy, autoimmune disorders, acid reflux, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and a number of other issues, every day.

2011.06.23 20:54 mindspread progresspics - Show us your body transformations

post those awesome before/after pictures of yours!

2020.09.23 09:37 AleckLove I'm happy to tell about my past achievements in life and how I accomplished them.

When I was 18 I weighed 395 pounds, I found this out stepping on the scale at the doctors office at a appointment. When I was in the second grade I had a thyroid problem which made me gain tons of weight in a little amount of time. I was an obese child and teen getting made fun of and picked on at school. When I got into high school I had friends and went out sometimes but being obese it was hard enjoying certain activities. The day I was at the doctors office I made a commitment to change, after the doctor told me being 395 pounds was not at all good for my health. I started on the Atkins diet eating lean meats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I started out walking for exercise but grew to love other forms of exercise such as weight lifting, yoga, aerobics, and especially jogging. In 8 months I lost 100 pounds I graduated high school with people amazed by the way I was looking I kept going and by the time I turned 21 I had lost 270 plus pounds. I was thrilled but had lots of excess skin on my body especially my tummy. I ended up getting skin removal surgery, which was painful but worth it. I think back at this goal and get very very happy. I never stopped loving exercise, I worked out the whole time I was pregnant. I'm currently training for my dream career for a better life for my son. Thinking back to this huge achievement I accomplished gives me the strength to train for my career. This makes me extremely happy, finally I shared my past with people instead of hiding it. I'm so so happy I finally told people about my skin surgery as well. I've had a huge smile on my face lately.
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2020.09.23 07:34 rodentwoman lifelong struggle with obesity

i can't lose weight. no matter what i do. i've never been able to lose more than 10 lbs here and there or even keep it off longer than a week. i've been overweight for all of my 21 years and i've tried everything to fix it since puberty; every diet, keto, atkins, gluten free, low fat, vegan, i work out vigorously 4 times a week on avg and walk every day. i count calories and steps and drink plenty of water. i don't eat meat or sugar or greasy junk. even in the worst days of my substance abuse issues i didn't lose weight despite the stereotypical appearance of an addict being malnourished and emaciated. and no, i don't have diabetes, heart problems, cushings or PCOS but yes, i do have a pretty severe thyroid issue. my new doc won't prescribe me the meds (levothyroxine) i used to take for some reason. i switched practices so she must not have my medical records. i asked her about weight loss methods and she basically told me if i've always been this size i always will be and that i'm just "big boned", which i'm really not, i'm 5'3 and petite with excessive body fat. either way it's nearly impossible to get an appointment these days.
anyway this is certainly not my only obstacle in my crippling loneliness but probably my biggest. just like every woman i have my share of negative traits and positive qualities but i believe my weight is holding me back more than anything. i'm friendly, warm and generous. i'm also deathly shy and nowhere near a perfect 10; honestly without the extra fat i might be a 5 or 6 but my weight puts me at a rough 2 on a good day. a lot of the time i want to give up trying to shed the pounds bc my efforts have proved to be in vain. i take care of myself and practice a healthy lifestyle but i look like somebody who has really let herself go. i don't really have many friends but i've heard it so many times from men and women alike: "you'd be so pretty/have a boyfriend/be so much more successful/confident/respected if you just lost some weight" but it's fucking impossible and life is so ironically cruel. i'm trying to accept that i'm always going to be fat no matter how much i try to improve myself in other ways.
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2020.09.23 06:20 AleckLove I was almost 400 pounds in high school

I was obese as a child and a teenager. In the second grade I suffered a thyroid problem that cause me to gain tons of weight without eating that much. I was made fun of and had people that called me horrible things during this time period. When I was 18 I had a doctor's appointment where I got on the scale, I looked to see the number 395. I was almost 400 pounds and the doctor said I had to make a change if I wanted to live a long life. I had taken a trip a couple weeks prior on a plane and the seatbelt wouldn't fit around me. After these things I decided to make a change and go on the Atkins diet. I ate leave meats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I started out with walking for exercise then grew to love weight lifting, aerobics, yoga and especially jogging. In 8 months I lost 100 pounds and graduated high school with people amazed by results. By the time I turned 21 I had lost 270 pounds and had excess skin on my body. I had a heavy apron of skin on my mid section. I ended up getting the skin removal surgery, which was painful but indent through it. I feel I made a huge accomplishment in my life. But I never judge or say anything negative about anyone because I've been there in my life throughout my practically whole childhood and teens, I went through hardship.
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2020.09.23 00:38 alice_ayer Dietary Changes for the Management of POTS Symptoms

I've found a few websites, dietitians, etc. recommending a modified Atkins diet for POTS management and am wondering if anyone has had any experiences with dietary changes (modified Atkins, Keto, or other) reducing/mitigating POTS symptoms.
I find that if I eat carbs (like today I had rice [75%] and chicken [25%]) I am WIPED the rest of the day. I literally cannot make it through my work day without caffeine (but I still feel very weak--thank goodness I have a desk job and only one in office day per week) and ideally if I am not in office will nap. Does anyone else experience this symptom of POTS? What have you done to manage it?
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2020.09.22 21:04 AleckLove I Got Skin Removal Surgery When I was 21

When I was 18 I had went to a doctor's appointment where I found out I weighed 395 pounds. I was picked on in elementary school, Jr high and high school for the way I looked. I'm just saying it's what I went through in school. I even had a bully who would come at me everyday in Jr High, it was miserable. In high school I got more friends and went out some but I didn't feel good because I needed to improve my health. So when I left the doctors I made a commitment to get into better health. I went on the Atkins diet and started working out. I started out with walking but started to love lifting weights, aerobics, yoga and especially jogging. I lost 100 pounds in 8 months and graduated high school with people amazed by my changes. By the time I turned 21 I had lost 270 pounds, I was thrilled but there was excess skin on my body. I ended up getting skin removal surgery for it. I never told anyone besides people from my home town where certain scars came from, skin removal surgery is where the scars came from. It was painful but I went through the pain of it. I think I made a great achievement in life. I will be attending my high school reunion soon. I wonder sometimes if I will run into the school bully I had at times. I wonder what her expression will be when she sees me.
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2020.09.22 18:08 annakaranina Scared of calorie counting again.

I know that sounds absurd, but hear me out.
I grew up a skinny kid and a skinny teenager, but I thought i was fat because people around me growing up said I was. I was 52-59kg till the age of 16, but my friends were 40-46 so I was basically told over and over again that I had to lose weight. Initially this was easy, I cut down on white bread and instant noodles and went from 63 to 59kg in two months. At this point my parents told me I should stop trying to lose more weight because I didn't need to anymore but I still thought I was obese because my friends were in the 40s. (They still are btw) It made me think that was the weight all girls my age were supposed to have and I was abnormal for weighing over 50kg.
I obviously didn't listen, and I started dieting from that point onwards. The issue was that with each diet I gained more weight. After I did the Atkins, I started eating more rice than usual, after Keto I started having excessive sweets and after calorie counting I started having this obsession with food and my portions got bigger. I should probably mention that I am in no way blaming these diets, most of the harm I've done is my own doing, not the diets'.
The reason I'm scared of calorie counting in particular is because I did it 3 years ago for the second time. This time I bought a food scale and I logged in everything I ate, and I was constantly hungry. I was always agitated and I felt pretty hopeless because I realised I'd feel miserable for the months and years to come if I wanted to lose weight. At this point I was 65kg btw. I'm 5'3 and I was 19 when I did calorie counting last.
I quit because my food scale broke and I fell down a hole of I'll probably be this way forever. I started binge eating frequently and that year in particular I remember having takeout food everyday for two months straight. Back then (and until very recently) I felt as though I HAD to have as much food as possible. Then, the dumbass that I am, I switched to IF (again) which made my binge eating worse. It created this reward mentality with food where I thought food would make me happy and dieting wouldn't. I did enjoy exercising but the amount of food I ate meant the exercise didn't matter as much, and eventually I quit that too.
Last year, I tried going on this diet where I just took photos of my food and I tried to limit the amount of rice I ate. I cut out naan, crisps, and sweets. It wasn't a healthy diet but it was better than what I'd been doing before.
The thing with this one was that I gave myself a cheat day, so it was yet another pathway to bingeing. At this point I kind of realised my eating had more to do with my emotional state than anything. If I couldn't identify what made me binge, and if I couldn't tell the difference between emotional eating and hunger, each diet would fail.
I got really anxious because I was 77kg last year September, and I already felt tired babysitting my niece and nephew. It dawned on me that by the time I have my kids, I may not be able to take care of them at all, and a child shouldn't have to suffer because of my obesity. To add to that, I have asthma and everytime I go to a doctor they imply it gets exacerbated because of my weight. I don't know how true this is but I can't ignore the possibility of my asthma deteriorating if I keep gaining weight.
So the past year I accepted that I have severe binge eating tendencies and I need to deal with my personal issues before I lose weight. While things aren't perfect, my eating habits are far from how they were earlier this year. I've stopped emotional eating and my I don't binge as frequently as I used to. I've cut out restaurant food and have invested that money into skincare and haircare products instead.
For the past 2-3 weeks, I've been meal prepping for my sister and I. I'm not gonna lie, I'm an extremely lazy person. I exercise 2-3 times a week (a very recent development) but aside from that I don't move around much. I have this big exam coming up so I'm usually sitting and studying.
My sister has been eating the same stuff I've been eating but has been exercising everyday and has lost 4kg. I've only lost 1kg so far which I thought was okay considering that I'm not exercising much. At the same time, I thought maybe i was deluding myself about the weightloss and what I'm doing isn't actually working.
TLDR; The sidebar in this subreddit talks about calorie counting, and I have installed the app but I'm afraid I'll start bingeing again and gain another 10kg.
My food routine right now is this: Breakfast: brown bread cooked in a teaspoon of butter, with either a poached egg or a single egg omelette (+chai)
Lunch: Two corn on a cobs with chickpeas, yoghurt and a handful of crisps
Dinner: 1 cup of cooked rice with a some chicken dish I prepped. For example, last week I cooked Thai curry but I made it with regular milk and I used chicken without the skin. I've also increased my water intake a lot so I dont eat as much as I used to.
My sister has roughly the same routine but she adds fruits to her diet as well.
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2020.09.22 17:21 VicSwagger [1st Post] Best sources of "Beginner" recipes

Hello All. This is my first post so I beg for some wiggle room. My wife suffers from Hashimoto's (and prob others - I'm in my initial research phase and I "think" I've seen people with AI can often suffer from more than one condition). But, heartbreaking to me, is that I've recently been informed from other ppl that my newly pubescent daughter is struggling with image issues. While there are a multitude of other subs I plan to seek counsel for this particular topic, I figure I would start here, as diet would benefit 3 of us (I'm very middle aged, so my diet should change).
As such, I will briefly go into diet background. 2-career family that relies too much on "dining out" or grabbing convenient, pre-made/processed meal solutions. I'm of the "4-square food groups" per meal Era; but, I'm sure that's evolved. I know I have to learn about good carbs. I do have a tween son (#4 in consideration). Our family genes favor the males - we can eat a lot of junk and our high metabolism (my guess) keeps us slim. But, I fear he will be affected and make up for what he's not eating (yes, we'll have to cut down or eliminate the bad things avail). Bottom line, this will be a wholesale, extreme undertaking; but, the benefits require us to implement this in our lives.
What have we tried? Recently, been going with the Keep It Simple technique - trying to incorporate more fresh fruits/veggies, cut up, with dips, etc. Biggest problem here is that it either rots or we go to the store often, to match our cravings. For me, I have been trying to cut carbs, so I rely on protein (steak salads, grilled wings, etc.) but I think I've seen issues with red meat for AIP(?). My wife has been on Weight Watchers/Atkins, etc. We tried recipes and have not resulted in favorites or re-make requests. Often, this also results in waste, as I am still learning portion control - but no one eats the leftovers and they get thrown out (I will start by cutting recipes in half). I also tried some "hiding vegetables" for children recipes that also result in meals being tossed.
So, to start, I am looking for resources for beginners. Websites or recipes to help me get started. Our commitment chances will improve right out of the gate, if I can discover some favorites. I did find this thread on this sub. Did this ever come to fruitiion?
I understand, we will need to be fully committed eventually, to be successful. Thank you in advance for any feedback. While I do not personally know anyonen here, I have come to understand (as I research) the daily struggles and the difficulties endured. You are all warriors, going to battle everyday. I wish you all continued strength and healthy blessings!
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2020.09.22 16:22 AleckLove I Changed My Life

When I was 18 and still in high school, I went to the doctors for a check up.I stepped on the scale and saw the number 395. I was shocked I knew I weighed a lot but I didn't know I was at that number. The doctor told me I had to make a change in my life or I would not live the long life I wanted to live. I suffered a thyroid condition in the second grade which made me put on weight without even eating that much. I was obese in elementary school, then when I got into high school. The day I left the doctors office I went to the store with my mom to buy food to start my diet. I went on the Atkins diet, eating lean meats, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. I started walking for my exercise but grew to love fitness. I started weight training, aerobics, yoga, and fell in love with jogging whether it was outside or on the treadmill. In 8 months I dropped 100 pounds, when I graduated high school a lot of people were amazed. When I turned 21 I had dropped 270 pounds and had excess skin on my body. I got surgery for my skin, which was painful but worth it for a lot of reasons. I still love exercise, even when I was pregnant I enjoyed working out. Achieving this goal in life has made me realize I can achieve my dream career I'm working for currently. I did this achievement because of my health. I needed to be in better health because my family history on both sides, there is heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease and more. I'm glad I made this goal in my life, for my health. I hope to live a long life and be there for my son and get the career in working for at the moment.
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2020.09.22 13:24 ketogenicendurance Carnivore Diet success story with Mike

Interview with Mike

1) Introduce Yourself.

My name is Mike Lewis. I work as a medical doctor in the UK. I work in A&E and General Practice. Married with 3 grown up children and 2 grandchildren aged 3 and 1. I live in the Lake District in the UK.

2) How did you eat before Carnivore.

I have followed a low carb diet for years. Initially the Atkins diet. He definitely had the main idea correct. He was criticised by the uninformed but I liked his philosophy. And why shouldn’t you try and make money from an idea you and your life’s work. Contrary to popular belief he wasn’t obese when he died from a head injury in 2003.
My diet has changed over the years to paleo then ketogenic before carnivore.

3) Why did you try Carnivore to begin with.

The evidence seemed to be convincing that the majority of plants weren’t that healthy an option. Many of our ideas about how great they were to eat are based on marketing and the factual information doesn’t match this hype.

4) How do you personally approach the Carnivore Diet.

I started off eating mostly steak, lamb, chicken, eggs and dairy. I still drank coffee with cream initially. Then I dropped the chicken and then dairy and added in organ meats. So now I have steaks, heart and liver (mostly beef) and eggs. I eat twice a day. Still have coffee without cream though.

5) What benefits have you seen since starting the Carnivore Diet.

Since making that change I have lost a further 8lbs and % body fat is 16. I weigh 151 Lbs and 5’9”. Much more energy. Never had any medical issues to begin with and not on any medication. I’m in ketosis all the time but rarely check it any more.
Questions 6 to 10 are here
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2020.09.22 13:17 bizz34 Whether Atkins diet regimen strategy appropriates for efficient fat burning? – Keto Dieting

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2020.09.21 21:48 AleckLove 395 pounds At 18

When I was 18 I went to doctors appointment where I looked at the scale and saw 395 on it. I was shocked I had no idea I had gotten to that weight. I had thyroid problem in the second grade which I put on tons of weight. I got my thyroid under control but I had already put on the pounds. After I left the doctors office that day I made changes in my life. I went on the Atkins diet and started my exercise routine. I started out with walking but learned to love exercise. I started lifting weights, doing kick boxing cardio,yoga and fell in love with jogging whether it be outside or on the treadmill. In 8 months I ended losing 100 pounds and graduating high school with people extremely proud of me. By the time I turned 21 I had lost 270 pounds and had to undergo skin surgery for the excess skin. The beauty of all this is I put myself in better health and made myself feel so much better. Because I felt so much better physically more than anything else. I'm a person who does not judge anyone based on their appearance. The beauty of health is the most important part of any weight loss program a person goes on
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2020.09.21 08:17 AleckLove 395 Pounds At 18

When I was in high school I had a doctor's appointment I went to and I stepped on the scale to see it said 395. I was five pounds away from being 400 pounds. I had a thyroid problem in the second grade which made me balloon up within less than a year. I struggled being an obese child and in high school I still was in this condition. I left the doctors office disappointed and took a look in the mirror, I didn't like what I saw. I knew the doctor was right i was not going to live the long life I wanted to. So I made a commitment that day to change my life around. I went on the Atkins diet which I cut carbs out of my diet. I was eating lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grain. With exercise I started with walking, then I started lifting weights as I progressed. Soon I was into high, low, and step aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, and running or jogging whether it was outside or on the treadmill. I also started walking outside carrying my dumbbells. Within 8 months I dropped 100 pounds and ended up graduating high school wearing an outfit that would not of fit me before. When I turned 21 I had lost 270 pounds and was thrilled but had excess skin from the huge amount of weight I lost. I underwent skin surgery that same year which was painful but it was worth it. Only thing I wished is my dad would of lived to see me achieve this goal. There are many obstacles in my life I know I can achieve now because this was the hardest challenge I think I ever did with succeeding.
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2020.09.20 16:27 AleckLove I weighed 395 pounds at 18

When I was in high school still I went to the doctors office and stepped on the scale to see I was a few pounds away from weighing 400 pounds. I always knew I was overweight but I never knew I got to being that big. I had a thyroid problem in the second grade which made me balloon up in less than a year. I went to the doctors to get it controlled which ended up happening but I had already gained so much weight. So in high school it was still there and I was obese. After I left the doctors office I thought about what am I going to do.I don't want to be like this I thought to myself. So I just started that day I went on my diet which was the Atkins diet in which I ate no carbs, then I went on my exercise routine I first started out with walking but then as time went on I started lifting weights and doing other forms I exercise I started loving. I became addicted to exercise and within the first 8 months I had dropped 100 pounds. As time went on I graduated I was able to fit into a way flattering looking outfit then I would of choose before. But by the time I turned 21 I had loads of excess skin left over because I had lost 270 pounds by then. So I had skin removal surgery done on myself which I was so thankful to get. I'm very proud of myself and still maintain my weight even through having a child I did. It makes me know I'll achieve other goals in my life as well. Only thing I wish is my dad could of lived to see me look the way I do now. There are obstacles in my life that was the biggest I think. I achieved it
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2020.09.20 12:52 1913intel What is the difference between the keto diet and the Atkins diet?

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2020.09.20 11:07 KillYourInnerLoser How I Lost 77lbs (35kg ) [Story]

A few years back, I was a chubby guy, weighing in at my heaviest: 104kg (230lbs). And that was 104kg with absolutely no muscle mass (I couldn't do a single pushup, or a chinup, or a body-weight squat); so I was really, really, really unhealthy.
I told myself enough was enough, and over the next 9 months I lost 35kg (77lbs), dropping down to 69kg (152lbs) at my lightest. I've got before/after pics here.
How'd I do it?
Counting Calories
Far as I can tell, all diets fall into 1 of 2 groups: restrictive diets, and non-restrictive diets. Restrictive diets are the vast majority of diets - the ones that tell you what foods you can eat, and which ones are off limits. Things like keto diet, Zone diet, Atkins diet, vegetarian/vegan diet, MIND diet, Raw food diet, etc.
Non-restrictive diets are still technically restrictive (losing fatis always a factor of restricting how much food you eat) but they don't restrict which foods you can eat. Examples are IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) and Weight Watchers. Both of these give you a limit to how many calories you can consume (or "points" in the case of Weight Watchers), but as long as you stay within those calories/points, you can eat literally whatever the hell you want.
I know myself; I hate being told what to do and I hate having my freedom limited. I went with a non-restrictive diet, IIFYM. I started off by eating 1500 calories a day, and counted my calories using an app called FatSecret (MyFitnessPal and Cronometer are much better options, I later realised).
I set myself a deadline (gave myself about 9 months to lose the fat) and got to work. Every day I tracked absolutely everything I ate, which becomes very easy after a week or two and barely takes any time at all (a few seconds, a few times a day whenever you eat something).
I also walked a tonne during those 9 months, usually walking for a minimum 4 hours a day but often up to 8hrs a day. I bought myself a Fitbit (you can buy them pretty cheap on Amazon - I just bought a really basic one). I made sure I hit at least 10,000 steps a day absolute minimum; but most days it was 40,000 or more. I really went hard.
My job was also on my feet, and I bought a standing desk so I was never sitting down while at home. I took the stairs all the time instead of elevators. I walked to places instead of taking public transport. I played as much sport as I could, and went to the gym once or twice a week.
All of this was a slow buildup, by the way; I didn't just start out walking 8hrs a day. It's much easier to build up a habit slowly - start by walking 30 minutes a day, then an hour, then 2, etc. That way you're building a habit you'll easily stick to, instead of relying on motivation and pumping yourself up.
Slowly the fat started to come off, and eventually people started noticing and mentioning it, which was awesome motivation. One of my mates asked what I was eating to lose all the fat. When I told him "Mostly pizza and doughnuts" his face was priceless. "You get to eat pizza and lose weight?"
I wasn't entirely sensible the whole time. I had a few weeks where I ate 1200cals, a few weeks of 800 cals, and quite a few days where I'd eat literally nothing but lettuce and diet cola, which was less than 500 cals a day. Definitely not something other people should do - it was hell on my body and mind and energy levels.My body sort of gave up and I could barely function - I spent most of my free time on the couch and had no energy for sports or going to the gym. I lost a lot of fat those 2 weeks (2kg/week) - though I wouldn't recommend it.
Finally in the last week I had something like 2kg to lose. I went crazy with it, walking 12 hours a day, barely eating anything, pushing myself beyond what I "should" have. On the last day I had a massive 0.8kg left to lose. I literally ate nothing the entire day, dehydrated myself, I even shaved my head bald and shaved my legs to get the last tiny little bit of fat off. I must have weighed myself like 50 times that day, I was so desperate to hit my goal.
Finally, at about 10pm that night, with only a few hours left to go in the day I hit my goal of 69kg.
Fastforward about 3 years later: I'm now about 75kg with a lot of extra muscle, and actually a little leaner. So it's definitely been sustainable, and I plan to stay lean and healthy for the rest of my life. It's had a HUGE impact on my entire life - people are nicer to me, I actually get compliments on my appearance now (which is still so incredibly surreal to me), and my girlfriend is always telling me how good I look. What a little sweetheart she is :)
Resources to Lose Weight Yourself
Everything you need to know about fat loss has been written on two great sites that helped me a tonne - and They're both by the same author and he absolutely knows his stuff - I'm so glad I found him. Start here:
  1. How To Lose Fat
  2. The Best Diet Plan – Lose Fat. Build Muscle. Be Healthy
That second link in particular is incredibly comprehensive - it's a list of 30 or so in-depth articles he's written that answer every single question you could ever have about fat loss. It's absolutely everything you'll ever need to get leaner, so don't make excuses.
The Takeaway
If you've got a little fat to lose, or maybe a lot of fat to lose, it's definitely possible. Make it your number 1 goal and you'll absolutely succeed. It's not even really that hard - if you want to do the IIFYM diet like I did, as long as you count your calories and log absolutely everything you eat (even condiments), you can eat whatever the hell you want as long as you don't go over your daily calories.
Start right this second - just download MyFitnessPal/one of the other apps, and start recording your calories. If I can do it, you sure as hell can too.
Before/after pics.
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2020.09.19 01:27 lintysoxks Just some things I do to make keto a little easier for myself

Coffee- I’m sure there’s other people that do this but I figured it out by randomly trying it one day. I buy Atkins vanilla shakes and use it as both the cream and sweetener since I don’t really like Splenda in coffee and I don’t really like coffee that’s too bitter. Tastes delicious and is keto friendly.
Pizza - I made up a 10 minute pizza recipe for when I’m really craving unhealthy stuff but don’t want to cheat. Frying pan, little bit of butter, put a low carb wrap on lowish heat for a min or two, then I put a little bit of pizza sauce and some dollops of fresh mozzarella ( I like the mozzarella balls soaked in the oil stuff), put a lid on it and wait for it to melt. You could also use basil on it and if you like veggies on your pizza, cook them first and then put them on there when you’re warming it up. I don’t like the veggies on mine so I usually try to fill up on a side of veggies. I prob wouldn’t use this for those <20 net carbs. It’s about 7 net carbs the way I make it.
Leftover London broil- I fried up about 3/5s of my London broil with some broccoli onion tomatoes peppers in olive oil. The other 2/5s I had seared and baked and stored in my fridge, wasn’t sure what to do with it so I decided to make a cheesesteak wrap, I’m from philly area ;). I cut the London broil into thin slices and warmed it up on the stove with a little olive oil and cheese, then put it in a low carb wrap with a little A1 and mayo and of course veggies on the side, but you could also cook it up with some peppers and onions so you have veggies on it.
Bell pepper with cream cheese and everything bagel seasoning or sliced cucumbers instead of pepper if you don’t like peppers.
Spoonful of cream cheese with a little Splenda when sweet tooth is hitting hard. I also get some sugar free peanut butter cups and have just a small amount. I don’t get sweet tooth’s much anymore so they last me a long time.
Don’t just eat steamed boring veggies (unless that’s what you like). Sauté them! Spice them! At least that’s what I do because it’s the only way I’ll eat it.
I eat veggies with every meal even if it puts me over my carb restriction. If it’s vegetables that’s putting me over the edge then it’s not such a big deal to me. Not everyone agrees with that and that’s okay.
Hoagie bowl- if you’re on the run and can’t cook, just about the only thing I can get from wawa( if you are one of the lucky ones who live in a wawa area) is a chicken salad hoagie bowl. They don’t have hoagie bowls anymore so you will select it as a hoagie and put it in as a special order and ask them to put it in a bowl instead of on bread. I get chicken salad on a bed of spinach with cucumbers tomatoes cheese and pickles.
Chic fil a southwest spicy chicken salad without beans or corn, (get the salsa dressing, it’s so good!!) one of the best salads I’ve ever had. I don’t put the tortilla strips on there either.
Something that’s helped me is setting small goals and giving myself a non- food reward. An example would be if you know you’re going out to eat with some friends and you know they are going to have all the stuff you wish you could have, tell yourself that if you stick to your diet while you’re out with them, you’ll buy yourself a new pair of earrings or you will make a date night with your partner, etc. Whatever it is that will make you fight through the cravings and know you have something to look forward to because of it.
Personally, I know this isn’t the case for most but I don’t have a goal weight. I get overwhelmed too easy. It’s too much pressure. I failed keto before because of it. I just want to live happier and healthier and more confident. Plus I also weight train and that can add weight. I don’t know how much but I try to pay more attention to waist inches lost.
I also used to do the less than 20 net carbs thing which is great for some people, I’m not knocking it. Being that strict for me is a recipe for disaster, if I’m that strict then it’s not something I will personally stick to for life. I also take a biweekly cheat meal and eat some fruit for breakfast on that day. It gives me something to look forward to. If you don’t go overboard then it won’t hurt. I probably don’t lose as quickly as some others but I’m still losing weight and inches and feeling great and that’s what matters.
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2020.09.18 12:48 fillycream VNS personal experiences

My son is 3.5yrs with refractory epilepsy, diagnosed since he was 4months old. He has seizures about once a week and it could be convulsive or non convulsive, usually about a minute in duration. He is currently on zonisamide but has been on a cocktail of other medications before (keppra, onfi, trileptal, vimpat, epidiolex), all of which have affected him in some way but never successful in controlling his condition, which appears to be worsening over time. We have never been able to pinpoint a cause for his condition and his seizures have never really been consistent in how they present.
CBD oil didn’t seem to do much and we didn’t get far with modified Atkins since it seemed that one of his medications at the time was suppressing his appetite and he was losing a lot of weight. I am still kicking around the idea of trying the modified Atkins diet with him again but the subject of installing a VNS device has come up a few times as well. I’m aware of the statistics and pros/cons and read some horror stories about it as well where the electrical pulses were sent to the heart instead of the brain and people died or almost died because of it. But while my husband is ready to go for it, the thought of surgery on someone so young scares me. He cannot verbalize what he feels or if/where/how he’s in pain or if something seems off and for that reason alone I’ve been hesitant to consider VNS until he was old enough to speak for himself. Since his condition doesn’t seem to be getting better though and he’s starting school, the pressure to consider VNS has gone up.
I would really like to hear about personal experiences with VNS from people who’ve done it and particularly from parents of young children who’ve taken the chance on it. Specifically, what challenges did you face and whether or not the implant has made enough of a positive impact on the frequency or severity of the seizures.
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2020.09.17 16:58 khakigirl 6 weeks in and I feel like garbage, any ideas?

I've been doing keto for about 6 weeks and I feel like garbage. I'm tired all the time despite getting 8+ hours of sleep per night. I've done keto before (about 6 years ago for ~1.5 years) and don't remember feeling this horrible. I've been really trying to hit the recommended electrolytes but I can't seem to get above ~2500mg of potassium a day. I was struggling with sodium too but yesterday I finally broke down and ate an Atkins frozen meal that has like 1000mg in a single meal. I am getting plenty of magnesium.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong. The first time around I didn't even bother with electrolytes, I ate a cheese omelette for breakfast, a cheesy chicken cauliflower casserole thing for dinner most nights and ate leftovers of the casserole for lunch. I was super lazy and probably didn't have the most well-rounded diet and I was fine. In fact, I felt fucking amazing. So I don't get why I feel like shit this time around when I'm trying so hard. I even upped my calories yesterday to see if that helped. Nope.
And to add insult to injury, I've lost 0 pounds in the past 2 weeks. I lost about 10 pounds in water weight the first few weeks and then nothing. I'm 282 pounds eating ~1800 calories a day and apparently my body thinks that's plenty. I'm so frustrated. I want to stick with keto but I'm having a really hard time.
Any ideas on what I should be doing?
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2020.09.16 19:39 Subpecato Have Anticonvulsants Made Your Epilepsy Worse?

I want to preface this question by asserting unambiguously that anticonvulsants (AEDs) save lives and clearly work well in controlling the seizures of the majority of those diagnosed with epilepsy. I am not a skeptic of "western medicine". That said, my seizure frequency seems to have increased after starting on pharmacotherapy. Here's my story in brief: I was diagnosed with "childhood absence epilepsy" as a child. I had a history of febrile seizures. When I was 18 I had my first afebrile generalized tonic-clonic seizure. I chose not to take medication. I did not have my next seizure until I was 25. This was a serious seizure during which I dislocated my shoulder. I finally accepted medicine. I was compliant with the AED regimen but the number and frequency of my seizures skyrocketed. In the last 15 years, I've probably had 30 or more seizures, despite taking two AEDs. I am now starting the ketogenic diet (actually the Modified Atkins Diet). In retrospect, I wonder if the anticonvulsant meds actually made me worse. Noncompliance is the number one cause of breakthrough seizures but I have been pretty compliant, if compliance means taking your meds twice a day (but not necessarily at the same times every day). Has anyone else had this experience where taking medication has coincided with a dramatic increase in seizure frequency? I know that seizure disorders sometimes get worse on their own over time for reasons that are not well-understood so I know that this may just be a coincidence. My heart goes out to everyone who suffers from refractory epilepsy. It really is hell. Wishing everyone all the best.
TLDR: My seizures got a lot worse after I started taking meds. Coincidence or are the meds responsible?
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2020.09.16 12:28 fictionthatspulp A little over a year later... 320+lb to 181lb.
So a little over a year ago, I started keto. And by keto, I mean the laziest version you could imagine. Both physically and dietary. Every six months or so, I'd check back in with keto and write (typically a long winded) post about the process, progress and what I learned along the way.
The two best pieces of wisdom I can provide for those who are starting or thinking about starting, would be:
1) Start now. Don't wait for the new year, or use some other excuse like I did for over 3 years before even attempting to change myself. I'd tell myself, "I can't live without 2% milk" or "I've been big this whole time, why change now?" Honestly, I'd tell myself the dumbest shit so I could eat 12 taco bell items for lunch.
2) Don't think of this as a diet. Think of this as a way to reprogram or retrain your eating habits. If you're remotely like me, every meal is one you walk away from hurting cause you're so full and oreos are a way to avoid boredom. Take a hard look at what has caused you to end up in a place where you want to change yourself. Oral fixation? Boredom eat? Depression eat? Literally just like all the foods all the time? Work on correcting that. Work on listening to your body. It'll tell you when to eat and I don't mean you thinking to yourself, "I got snacks out there, and they should be in my belly"
I lived off sausages, atkins frozen meals, steak, chicken, broccoli, green beans, lily's chocolate, enlightened ice cream, quest pizza/bars and every other "lazy" keto items out there. I didn't start walking, running or lifting during my time. I figured that wouldn't be something I'd continue indefinitely, and would be detrimental when I did stop. I continued living the same way I have for the last 30 years, minus my food choices and eating habits.
Over the last few weeks, I've been slowly transitioning into eating "normal food" again. Mainly, on the weekends while still doing keto during the week. I have noticed when eating the things I was pre-keto, my portions are smaller and I stop myself when I'm full, versus shoveling what was left still down the hatch like it was my death row meal.
Sadly, My way isn't going to be yours, however you're more than welcome to try. If you're interested in lazy keto items, I'm a fountain of knowledge there, so feel free to ask.
I wish you all the best with your journey and I ask those still continuing, or just beginning, to continue assisting and motivating those in the community to better themselves.
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2020.09.15 03:52 thepainter11 Keto dilemma

I’m fully committed to keto. Thanks to this subr. I have been following it for past 1.5 years and have seen huge benefits like lowering weight, no stomach troubles, energy lasting thru the evening w full day of work. When I went to my gp and asked about it to see what he would think he says “don’t follow that diet, you know dr. Atkins died of heart troubles “ I’m like “say whaaaat”
My dilemma/question is : Who do I look upto if I have some health issue in the future?? I can’t go back to this guy as he’s going to blame it on the “high fat”
What do people here do? What if I don’t have a dr who doesn’t approve of lowcaeb lifestyle?
Has anyone been in a emergency health crisis and on keto and the drs around you don’t agree with keto?
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2020.09.12 02:18 RoundConstant What Is a Ketogenic Diet and How Does It Relate to the Atkins Diet?

You've probably heard plenty about the Atkins Diet over the years. You know, that incredibly popular and controversial diet that involves cutting right down on your carbohydrate intake. You may have also heard of "ketogenic diets" - it's a more scientific term so you may not recognise it. Did you realise that the Atkins Diet is a type of ketogenic diet? In this article we'll have a brief look at what the term means and my experience of this type of diet.
The Atkins Diet
The original Atkins Diet book, Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution, was released in 1972. Dr Robert Atkins was interested, among other things, in getting his own weight under control. Primarily using self-experimentation techniques he found that eating a diet very low in carbohydrates tended to make him lose weight quickly. His experimentation was based upon other research papers and, as a result of his own studies, he became confident that the science behind the diet was sound. The resulting book was a resounding success and, over the next 30 years up to his death in 2003, Robert Atkins continued to produce popular diet books based upon the low-carbohydrate principle.
Ketogenic Diets
Some would argue that only the first "phase" of the Atkins Diet is "ketogenic" but it's very clear that this element is central to the whole diet. There are many other diets of this type with different names and claims but, if they talk about severely restricting the intake of carbohydrates, then they're probably forms of ketogenic diet. The process of "ketosis" is quite complicated and would take some time to describe but, in essence, it works because cutting down on carbs restricts the amount of blood glucose available to trigger the "insulin response". Without a triggering of the glucose-insulin response some hormonal changes take place which cause the body to start burning its stores of fat as energy. This also has the interesting effect of causing your brain to be fuelled by what are known as "ketone bodies" (hence "ketogenic") rather than the usual glucose. The whole process is really quite fascinating and I recommend that you read up on it.
All forms of ketogenic diet are controversial. Most of the debate surrounds the issue of cholesterol and whether ketogenic diets increase or decrease the levels HDL "good" cholesterol and/or increase or decrease LDL "bad" cholesterol. The number of scientific studies is increasing year on year and it is certainly possible to point to strong cases on both sides of the argument. My conclusion (and this is only my opinion) is that one could equally make the case that a carbohydrate-laden diet has negative effects on cholesterol and I think that, on balance, a ketogenic-type diet is more healthy than a carbohydrate-heavy one. Interestingly, there isn't so much controversy about whether ketogenic diets work or not (it's widely accepted that they do); it's mostly about how they work and whether that is good/bad/indifferent from a health perspective.
My Experience
I too am a bit of a self-experimenter. I know this approach isn't for everyone and it does carry an element of risk. I've experimented with a ketogenic diet for around eight years now. I sometimes lapse, mostly during holidays, but I always return to the diet as part of my day-to-day routine. I find that I can easily lose the several extra pounds that I put on during the holidays within around two weeks of starting up the keto diet again. I suppose it helps that I really enjoy the type of food I get to eat by following this regimen. Many of the foods I like are quite high in protein and fat. I do miss carbohydrate-rich foods such as pizza and pasta but I think that loss is outweighed (sic) by the benefit of being able to each rich food and still keep my weight under control. It goes without saying that I have to avoid sugary foods but I don't have much of a sweet tooth and I can still enjoy things like good dark chocolate, in moderation.
It's difficult, if you are just starting out looking for a diet that works for you, to know where the truth lies in this debate; if the scientists can't sort it out then how are you going to? The plain truth is that you'll need to educate yourself, weigh up the arguments, then follow your own best judgement. My experience has been largely positive but you will, no doubt, have heard of friends having problems on low carbohydrate diets for one reason or another. There is no such thing as a miracle diet and most of them are just variations on a theme but all ketogenic-type diets are based upon a very specific principle and that principle has been demonstrated to induce weight loss in many people. Perhaps you should try to base your opinion on the available evidence and not on anecdotes. It's your body and your health, after all.
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