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All misprinted, damaged, or defective items are fully covered at VIDA’s expense, including the shipping cost. Additionally, if a VIDA product doesn’t fit perfectly, you may exchange for a different size using our Returns Portal. Please note that we include a measurement chart on our website for every item available. Felicita Vida is a luxury assisted living community and memory care facility nestled among the ranches and nature preserves of Escondido, CA. Costs start at about $3,895 a month for the studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom living spaces and include all utilities as well as laundry, linen, and housekeeping services. We offer class packs, monthly memberships, and drop-in class rates. Follow us on social media to find out about class and membership deals! Vida has the best clinical outcomes across a broad spectrum of health conditions. We have seen significant and sustained health outcomes in our collaboration with Fortune 500 firms, mid-sized companies, and large health plans. Outcomes seen across Preventative, Mental, and Chronic programs. VIDA Fitness was voted the best in DC by Washingtonian, DC City Paper, and the Blade last year. VIDA offers innovative cardio and strength equipment, Olympic lifting platforms, dedicated studios for group fitness, yoga, Pilates programming, registered dietitians, and our boutique HIIT training studio, SweatBox. VIDA FOR INDEPENDENT REPAIR: VIDA PRICING VIDA Subscriptions and Pricing. Before placing your order, be sure to review the information regarding what is included with each subscription and the documentation for activating and using the VIDA system.. When creating your VTI account you must enter a valid name under the Company section. With Vida’s sophisticated technology and human coaches, you’ll create a custom program just for you. Whether you want to learn the basics of building better nutrition and fitness habits or need help managing several chronic conditions at once, Vida can help you make the changes that’ll change your life. WELCOME TO VIDA. VIDA stands for 'Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales'. A VIDA subscription could include service and parts information along with wiring schematics, and the ability to download software to a vehicle. Product subscriptions are ranged to be appropriate for a full-service shop through to a stand-alone parts counter. Welcome to Vida Hair & Beauty. Incredible Cuts, Styles and Beauty Treatment - London Best kept Secret! Vida Hair and Beauty has a combination of over 30 years in the hair and beauty industry. Tel: 020 7586 9900 VIDA Menu Pricing enable a high level of filtration with the use of VIN s; the data can be viewed only using model and model year information but then without the powerful filtering functionality. The VIDA Menu Pricing information is used as part of the content in the work list creation in VIDA .

The Witch is In. A Halloween Story of Spells, Potions, and Love.

2020.09.22 23:02 Mela05 The Witch is In. A Halloween Story of Spells, Potions, and Love.

By Karen B.
“Witches need love too”
Hello my tasty humans and happy Halloween. It looks as if I got back just in time. The decision has been made to shelve the “wealth and power” experimental potion first introduced 1 year ago to a few carefully selected humans. But the lovely citizens of earth aren’t ready for the seductive and addictive side effects that accompany this potion. There is a pandemic sweeping the globe, civil unrest, corrupt and evil politicians that want to take over the world and chaos causing devastating and irreversible consequences for all mankind if we were to allow the potion to work much longer. We will take another look and make appropriate changes in the formula, and hopefully reintroduce this potion again in the generations to come.
In the meantime, myself and a few of my sisters are making a special effort to help each and every person find once again the love in community and satisfaction of making a difference for the good of all. This is our pledge and our promise. Some have reached out and asked how are we going to help the more than 5 billion human souls living on this planet? And our answer is with proven methods successfully executed over thousands of civilizations and worlds much like this one. It’s called...
Magic my darlings, Magic!
And love but we’ll get to all that later.
A message to all who were in the wealth and power experimental program. We have arranged, at no expense to you, a 1 month retreat at the Betty Ford spa and experimental potion resort located on beautiful Lake Superior in Duluth Minnesota. There, you will be pampered and spoiled, enjoy 3 daily meals and snacks, learn meditation, relaxing yoga, daily deep tissue massage. You will have therapy sessions with world renown PhD Dr. Phil 3 times a week.
During your stay in Duluth weekly tours are scheduled to take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful historic city. Among the scheduled tours is a day at the Duluth shipping canal and park. This is a must see to watch the big lake ships arrive on their way to their destination in the harbor. Toot toot! Recommended by Dr. Phil.
This year I am bringing back my most requested spells and potions. For the full price list of all my spells potions and charms visit my webpage [email protected]. Also new this year is my you tube channel. Type in the search bar the witch is in and you will be directed. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the like button. The first 100 subscribers will get a discount on any regular priced spells or potions at my online price list. Sale or reduced items are not eligible for the discount. After the holiday check out my Facebook page. I post bi weekly with news and pictures from me throughout the year. And feel free to leave a post telling me how life is for you. I look forward to hearing from you....
Now let’s get started....
The Witch Is In presents “ New for 2020 my price list for my hottest selling spells and potions”.
Back again by popular demand!! The number 1 requested spell
Prince Charming. Yes ladies he’s back in all his glorious glory improved and better than ever. My Prince is 6’3” 200 pounds ( all muscle no fat) * new this year he comes with a 5 year warrantee against sudden weight gain and muscle loss. For more details visit my web page. Other features of this magnificent specimen are big brown eyes, a full head of dark brown hair, and a smile that will have you melting like the wicked witch of the west.
As a bonus you will get the Princes majestic white steed with saddle and bridal made from hand tooled leather and fine silver in Spain. And a set for you too, if that’s what you’re into, ahem. *see disclaimer on web site. The basic Prince Charming package is $4000.00 US dollars due at time of order. No exceptions, No returns, Don’t even think about it.
The Prince Charming Upgrade!!!
Ladies life is all about choices and I have heard you loud and clear. I am proud to announce a list of “must haves” designed perfectly to go along with your Prince.
The Kingdom Upgrade!! (Because every Prince needs a kingdom to rule)
The Castle and Stable. The castle: Upgraded to include modern indoor plumbing in all 12 bathrooms. Up to code electrical, new forced air gas furnace large enough to heat the entire castle comfortably. 3 AC units to keep you cool in summer and other times. Completely insulated throughout. I know, right? There’s more. A state of the art stable for the Princes white steed, a gold tone carriage and 6 more stallions to pull the carriage. The carriage is Equipped with top of the line shock absorbing technology, a gps satellite system, back up camera, and Bluetooth enabled that will hook into your smart phone from anywhere in the stable or castle. That’s not all you also get a stable manager and trainer to keep the stable clean and in good working condition.
For the Castle: Well I can’t expect you to run and manage a 100,000 square foot castle by yourself and why should you have too? You will get 10 cleaning maids 5 butlers 6 maids in waiting, 3 chefs, and Tina Fey as the court jester. She’s really funny y’all. Numerous serfs and their large family’s to work the land and bring in the harvest. You and your Prince can live the life of luxury 6 months out of the year in the Caribbean sipping pina coladas and soaking up the sun by the magnificent pool!
The Kingdom upgrade is only $6000.00 dollars US.
But wait!! Order the Prince and the Kingdom upgrade together before the next full moon and I will knock off 1500.00 dollars on the entire order reducing the final sale to $8500.00. What?! Now that’s something to howl about.
My Number 2 most popular and requested spell.
The Princess: Update: Say hello to Gwen our beautiful new princess that will pave the way for all the other princesses for generations to come. Our research told us that she is highly recommended from a respectable dating sight. and People and Good Housekeeping Magazines give her 2 thumbs up each. Gwen has passed her physical and her "test of virginity".
Testing virtue used to mean using archaic methods that included sacrifices, volcanos, angry natives, and the toss of a terrified candidate. In the end a crispy Virgin never helped anyone. We needed a live candidate. So we went back to the drawing board and found a potion that was a 100% effective, and safe. It took time to get the natives on board. But after a friendly conversation with the tribal chief explaining the consequences of non compliance the chief and tribe agreed 100% to ban the use of volcanos for sacrifices ending a proud tradition forever. Life is about change and staying alive, right?
Guy's, the Princess is 5' 7" tall, weighs in at 120 pounds, she is 36 24 34. She has long blond hair not from a bottle(her hair color is guaranteed for 30 years not to change, fade, or darken.) Blue eyes a perfect peaches and cream complexion, and a smile that's guaranteed to make you fall instantly in love until the next morning. The Princess includes a generous dowry a 24k gold tiara and her parents the king and queen. Occasionally the parents of the princess become somewhat demanding after moving into the castle by changing the chefs menu, writing all new material for the court jester for example, and causing unwanted turmoil within your castle. This makes for an unhappy and angry staff. Before that happens and the staff starts to walk away threatening you with law suits and organizing a lynch mob text or email me. For a small fee I can make the parents disappear without the cops snooping around and asking a lot of stupid questions. The price for the princess? only $9000.00 dollars US. firm. Total payment due at time of order. No exceptions. No refunds.
“Love is in the air” with my #1 most requested potion
Love Potion #9.
You’ve demanded it, we slaved over a hot cauldron for months, and now we are bringing it to you direct. Hands down the best love potion on the market today. * see our test results in March 2020 consumer report. My love potion will make any person you are....obsessed with, stalking, losing sleep over, kidnapping or thoughts thereof, texting, tweeting, instagramming, you get the idea, become completely and utterly in love with you like they were in a catatonic state. If love is what you seek, I have the cure.
*Disclaimer. Read and be informed before you buy. Each sale of Love Potion #9 contains a strict warning. Be careful what you wish for. Love Potion #9 is guaranteed for the life of the recipient. There is no antidote, and no refunds. Only $100.00 US dollars per dose.
My second most requested potion.....
  1. THE YOUTH POTION. Tired of being old and in the way? My youth potion guarantees all the physical attributes you enjoyed in your 20’s and 30’s. Included in the purchase of each bottle of the youth potion is all your hair and teeth back in their original condition as God intended. Strength, coordination, and walking without the use of chairs, canes, or help from Nurse Rachet at “the home.” In fact you will enjoy once again the freedom and independence to live life la vida loco!!!
The Youth Potion does have a shelf life of 1 year so buy several bottles and never be interrupted by old age again. * Youth Potion does require a consultation by me and a mandatory class titled “ How to enter back in the workforce, pay your federal taxes on time for another 40 years, and like it.” So make an appointment today for the current price.
As you are aware the Wealth and Power Potion has been scrapped for now. However I have a brand new and safe alternative potion introduced in June 2020 at the National Convention of Modern Witches Warlocks and Wizardry in Salem Mass. (M.W.W.S.M.)
This potion has been tested and proven safe for human consumption.
The Bug Out, and Quick Escape For Any Situation Potion.
Here’s a few examples of how you could use this useful and effective potion. A marriage gone south. It happens from time to time. Don’t ever admit blame just one dose of this potion and poof! You get the house car custody of the kids a handsome alimony award, all without watching your x spouse have a melt down in court. Saving yourself much time and stress and all without the expense of a corrupt divorce lawyer.
Another example, a conspiracy theory suddenly is fact. You only have minutes to get you and your dog to safety. The last spaceship to Mars is full and already high tailed it off this planet. Now what do you do? Good question. Suddenly you remember the Quick Escape Potion you purchased from the Witch Is In on last years list of spells and potions. You locate it and quickly ingest it. You feel lightheaded and fall back on your bed. The room begins to turn it’s like your in the funnel of a tornado, going down further into a kind of a semi conscious state of reality. Spinning and spinning. All goes black. The next thing you know you wake up to a world full of little people and a yellow brick road. WTF? Yes Dorothy you and your little dog have been saved by a tornado and are starting a new life here well you can name it anything you want. You are safe right? Just think of the possibility’s! Starting life over again is never easy by any stretch of your imagination. If you see two moons in the sky not one so what you will get used to it. Everything you need is here. All you have to do is click your heels three times and chant “I hope there’s a home improvement store on this hell hole.” But all in all you know it’s not so bad and you will have family again. And new memory’s to cherish. And ah people who love you. Yes they dress a little weird here but you can get used to that as well. In time. So go make a new life and embrace it. Have you met Glenda? You will love her and she’s here to help.....
Just kidding. The Earth will not implode any time soon. But isn’t it comforting to know you have the option to change in an instant in any situation? The Witch Is In wants you and every inhabitant on Earth to know we are here for you and we will protect you. You can’t put a value on what is priceless. Love for each other, community and trust. That’s what is important above all else.
Well my tasty humans that’s it for the 2020 pricelist of new and updated spells and potions. It’s almost Halloween and soon I will disappear until harvest moon next year. Get your last minute orders in now. Operators are standing by. Call now and as always love you bunches !!!
Have a safe and happy Halloween!!!
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2020.09.20 09:08 Mothfeathers xoxo NARS. MAC. PAT MCGRATH. LIME CRIME. ABH. ND. So many things! please come take a look! lots of lots. make offers! xoxoxo

hello hello!
its been literally forever since i last posted here, and i'm very happy and excited to be back!
i'm destashing a lot in this sale as recently my hobbie have changed, and makeup is no longer one of them. thank you for taking a look at what i have for sale!
SIDE NOTE sorry if my pricing is a little messed up. letting go of some of these items is hard, since a few are meaningful and sentimental. if an item is priced higher then something of comparable value, i apologize. i tried to resist the urge, and i'm sorry if this makes me the worlds biggest as*.
as per the guidelines, all payment will be through paypal, with G&S fees paid for by me.
shipping is $3 per item, and goes up from there.
items will be held for one hour, and i apologize in advance, but no swapping this round. thank you so much to all you swappers out there! <3
feel free to make offers!
PS. if you need more descriptions, let me know. i typed this whole thing out, and then my computer crashed. i is angry, and not good with words now.
* HB Mercury, used 1x $45
* HB Nude, used 3x $45
* Pat McGrath Palette I, used 1x $90
* Viseart Vol 1, one of the original 3000, used 1x $110
* ND Lila Palette, used 1x $85
* Linda Hallberg Enchanted, used 3 $20
* ABH Amrezy highlighter, used 2x $30

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2020.09.19 19:45 removalbot 09-19 17:45 - 'Bitcoin é 'bote salva-vidas' durante turbulência econômica, diz autor de Price of Tomorrow' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/imskykru removed from /r/Bitcoin within 1778-1788min

O empresário Jeff Booth, autor do livro ‘Price of Tomorrow’, exalta o Bitcoin ([BTC]1 ) como um investimento “obrigatório” em tempos de turbulência econômica, e afirma que a [criptomoeda]2 é como “um bote salva-vidas”.
Para Booth, em meio a dívidas crescentes dos bancos centrais, é preciso ter BTC em sua carteira para garantir sua própria segurança:
“Não há como evitar o colapso final de um boom provocado pela expansão do crédito”, declarou, referindo-se às iniciativas recentes dos bancos centrais, para “escapar de um enorme problema de dívida adicionando exponencialmente mais dívida.”
Bitcoin é 'bote salva-vidas' durante turbulência econômica, diz autor de Price of Tomorrow
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: imskykru
1: c**ptoniz*nd*.c**/b*tcoi*-no*icias/ 2: c*i*toni*an**.co*/*riptomo*das/ 3: cripto**za*d***om***20/*9/18/bitco*n**-bot*-salva-v*d*s-dura*te-*u*bu*encia-eco*omi*a-diz-aut*r-*e-price*of*to**rrow* 4: cri*toni*ando*com***2*/09/*8*bitcoin-e*b*te*salva-vi*as-du*ante-t**bulencia***o*o*i*a-d*z*aut*r-de-p*ice-of-tomor*ow/**^*
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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2020.09.18 19:36 waxy303 [For Sale] The Revivalists, Chamillionaire, The Underachievers, Slipknot, etc + a couple signed & VMP and Urban Outfitters variants! *PRICES REDUCED*

I recently lost my job and the bills don't stop! Thus I am selling some albums that don't see as much play to raise some funds. Tons of variety and a couple grails hidden in there! Please don't hesitate to message me about pricing on anything.
*UPDATE: Many prices have been reduced from my last post!\*
I will likely update this post later in the weekend with more albums up for grabs. Check back, I'll add them in a separate category so they are easy to find.
Everything posted is VG+ to NM, typically only played once or twice and sometimes still in the shrink, unless stated otherwise. I am happy to send pictures of anything listed as well.
$4 shipping within the US, each additional record add $2. Outside of the US message me to discuss shipping.
I based my prices off of Discogs current prices and occasionally Ebay and tried to beat the lowest offered price, or at least match it on some of the harder to find releases. I am however always open to reasonable offers and happy to discuss prices!
FREEBIES (one per order, first come first serve)
These are up for grabs with any purchase over $40 above, just let me know what release you'd like and it's yours! Asking that you add $2 for shipping.
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2020.09.18 13:42 imskykru Bitcoin é 'bote salva-vidas' durante turbulência econômica, diz autor de Price of Tomorrow

O empresário Jeff Booth, autor do livro ‘Price of Tomorrow’, exalta o Bitcoin (BTC) como um investimento “obrigatório” em tempos de turbulência econômica, e afirma que a criptomoeda é como “um bote salva-vidas”.
Para Booth, em meio a dívidas crescentes dos bancos centrais, é preciso ter BTC em sua carteira para garantir sua própria segurança:
“Não há como evitar o colapso final de um boom provocado pela expansão do crédito”, declarou, referindo-se às iniciativas recentes dos bancos centrais, para “escapar de um enorme problema de dívida adicionando exponencialmente mais dívida.”
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2020.09.18 13:39 imskykru Bitcoin é 'bote salva-vidas' durante turbulência econômica, diz autor de Price of Tomorrow

O empresário Jeff Booth, autor do livro ‘Price of Tomorrow’, exalta o Bitcoin (BTC) como um investimento “obrigatório” em tempos de turbulência econômica, e afirma que a criptomoeda é como “um bote salva-vidas”.
Para Booth, em meio a dívidas crescentes dos bancos centrais, é preciso ter BTC em sua carteira para garantir sua própria segurança:
“Não há como evitar o colapso final de um boom provocado pela expansão do crédito”, declarou, referindo-se às iniciativas recentes dos bancos centrais, para “escapar de um enorme problema de dívida adicionando exponencialmente mais dívida.”
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2020.09.16 18:09 displacedindavis Every MLB postseason starting pitcher ever

Feels like a terrible time to be posting this as the postseason inches ever closer, but consider this a warm up.
The playoffs have seen several changes throughout the years, but one thing has remained consistent: it brings out the best and worst in starting pitchers. It's tough being the one guy that can kill your team with a single bad pitch. Many have folded up under such pressure. Others just got really unfortunate. Even the few that found occassional success didn't find it consistently enough. It's a rarity to find a pitcher that truly thrives off of such pressure no matter what you throw at him. This is the story of more than a century of playoff baseball, with more to come.
While I include each pitcher's cumulative postseason record and ERA (just because it would be too much work to separate the starts from the non-starts), I need to emphasize the word starting in the title. As in, the pitcher threw the first pitch for his respective team in a game and didn't just make a relief appearance. So yeah, there may be entries that confuse you (as well as some non-entries). I'd appreciate any corrections, but please make sure you check with baseball-reference first before posting (and make sure that in the game you're looking at, said pitcher started the game and didn't just appear in relief). Also, I know I could've included more stats, but I thought to keep things simple.
I won't analyze this at all. It will be interesting to see what you guys can find from this! Or, you know, beef up on the "Felix Hernandez isn't on this list" or"Kershaw sucks in the playoffs" comments. Either way works for me :-).
Last Postseason Start Pitcher Postseason Record / ERA
2019 Berrios, Jose 0-1 / 5.14
2019 Buehler, Walker 1-1 / 2.72
2019 Castillo, Diego 0-0 / 0.00
2019 Cole, Gerrit 6-4 / 2.60
2019 Corbin, Patrick 2-3 / 5.79
2019 Dobnak, Randy 0-1 / 18.00
2019 Flaherty, Jack 1-2 / 4.24
2019 Foltynewicz, Mike 1-2 / 7.43
2019 Glasnow, Tyler 0-2 / 7.71
2019 Green, Chad 2-0 / 4.74
2019 Greinke, Zack 3-6 / 4.21
2019 Hill, Rich 1-2 / 3.06
2019 Hudson, Dakota 0-1 / 9.00
2019 Kershaw, Clayton 9-11 / 4.43
2019 Keuchel, Dallas 4-2 / 3.47
2019 Manaea, Sean 0-1 / 18.00
2019 Mikolas, Miles 1-1 / 1.50
2019 Morton, Charlie 4-2 / 3.70
2019 Odorizzi, Jake 0-1 / 3.60
2019 Paxton, James 1-0 / 3.46
2019 Peacock, Brad 0-0 / 4.50
2019 Ross, Joe 0-1 / 7.45
2019 Ryu, Hyun-jin 3-2 / 4.05
2019 Sanchez, Anibal 3-6 / 2.93
2019 Severino, Luis 1-3 / 5.17
2019 Scherzer, Max 7-5 / 3.38
2019 Snell, Blake 0-1 / 1.69
2019 Soroka, Mike 0-0 / 0.00
2019 Strasburg, Stephen 6-2 / 1.46
2019 Tanaka, Masahiro 5-3 / 1.76
2019 Urquidy, Jose 1-0 / 0.90
2019 Verlander, Justin 14-11 / 3.40
2019 Wainwright, Adam 4-5 / 2.81
2019 Woodruff, Brandon 1-1 / 1.65
2018 Anderson, Tyler 0-1 / 3.86
2018 Carrasco, Carlos 0-1 / 1.64
2018 Chacin, Jhoulys 2-1 / 1.46
2018 Clevenger, Mike 0-0 / 4.50
2018 Eovaldi, Nathan 2-1 / 1.67
2018 Freeland, Kyle 0-0 / 0.00
2018 Gonzalez, Gio 0-0 / 4.91
2018 Happ, JA 1-3 / 5.04
2018 Hendriks, Liam 0-1 / 6.43
2018 Kluber, Corey 4-3 / 3.97
2018 Lester, Jon 9-7 / 2.51
2018 Marquez, German 0-1 / 3.60
2018 Miley, Wade 0-0 / 2.08
2018 Newcomb, Sean 1-0 / 1.08
2018 Porcello, Rick 1-3 / 4.73
2018 Price, David 5-9 / 4.62
2018 Rodriguez, Eduardo 0-0 / 8.10
2018 Sabathia, CC 10-7 / 4.28
2018 Sale, Chris 1-2 / 5.76
2018 Senzatela, Antonio 0-0 / 3.60
2017 Arrieta, Jake 5-3 / 3.08
2017 Bauer, Trevor 1-4 / 3.81
2017 Darvish, Yu 2-4 / 5.81
2017 Fister, Doug 4-2 / 3.02
2017 Gray, Jon 0-1 / 27.00
2017 Gray, Sonny 0-2 / 2.95
2017 Hendricks, Kyle 2-3 / 2.98
2017 McCullers Jr, Lance 1-0 / 2.53
2017 Pomeranz, Drew 0-1 / 7.04
2017 Quintana, Jose 0-1 / 5.04
2017 Ray, Robbie 0-1 / 6.75
2017 Santana, Ervin 2-2 / 6.57
2017 Walker, Taijuan 0-1 / 36.00
2017 Wood, Alex 1-2 / 4.10
2016 Buchholz, Clay 0-1 / 4.25
2016 Bumgarner, Madison 8-3 / 2.11
2016 Cueto, Johnny 2-4 / 4.54
2016 Estrada, Marco 3-3 / 2.64
2016 Hamels, Cole 7-6 / 3.41
2016 Lackey, John 8-6 / 3.44
2016 Lewis, Colby 4-1 / 3.11
2016 Maeda, Kenta 2-1 / 3.31
2016 Merritt, Ryan 0-0 / 0.00
2016 Moore, Matt 1-1 / 3.33
2016 Roark, Tanner 0-1 / 3.86
2016 Samardzija, Jeff 0-1 / 15.00
2016 Sanchez, Aaron 2-0 / 3.32
2016 Stroman, Marcus 1-1 / 4.40
2016 Syndergaard, Noah 2-1 / 2.42
2016 Tillman, Chris 1-0 / 5.93
2016 Tomlin, Josh 3-1 / 3.33
2016 Urias, Julio 2-2 / 5.17
2015 Anderson, Brett 1-1 / 6.75
2015 deGrom, Jacob 3-1 / 2.88
2015 Dickey, RA 0-1 / 7.11
2015 Gallardo, Yovani 2-2 / 2.32
2015 Garcia, Jaime 0-3 / 3.62
2015 Hammel, Jason 0-2 / 6.98
2015 Harvey, Matt 2-0 / 3.04
2015 Holland, Derek 3-1 / 5.02
2015 Kazmir, Scott 1-2 / 5.18
2015 Matz, Steven 0-1 / 3.68
2015 McHugh, Collin 2-1 / 3.60
2015 Perez, Martin 0-1 / 7.20
2015 Ventura, Yordano 1-2 / 4.66
2015 Volquez, Edinson 1-4 / 5.35
2015 Wacha, Michael 4-3 / 4.08
2015 Young, Chris 2-0 / 2.01
2014 Chen, Wei-Yin 1-1 / 4.70
2014 Gonzalez, Miguel 0-1 / 1.42
2014 Guthrie, Jeremy 1-1 / 4.05
2014 Hudson, Tim 1-4 / 3.69
2014 Lynn, Lance 5-4 / 4.80
2014 Miller, Shelby 0-0 / 5.27
2014 Norris, Bud 1-0 / 3.38
2014 Peavy, Jake 1-5 / 7.98
2014 Shields, James 3-6 / 5.46
2014 Shoemaker, Matt 0-0 / 0.00
2014 Vargas, Jason 1-1 / 3.52
2014 Vogelsong, Ryan 3-0 / 2.92
2014 Weaver, Jered 2-1 / 2.60
2014 Wilson, CJ 1-6 / 5.26
2014 Zimmermann, Jordan 0-1 / 4.26
2013 Burnett, AJ 2-3 / 6.37
2013 Cobb, Alex 1-0 / 1.54
2013 Colon, Bartolo 3-5 / 3.49
2013 Garcia, Freddy 6-3 / 3.26
2013 Hellickson, Jeremy 0-1 / 5.40
2013 Kelly, Joe 3-3 / 3.47
2013 Liriano, Francisco 2-1 / 3.96
2013 Medlen, Kris 0-2 / 4.96
2013 Minor, Mike 1-0 / 1.42
2013 Nolasco, Ricky 0-1 / 6.75
2013 Parker, Jarrod 1-2 / 5.00
2013 Salazar, Danny 0-1 / 3.12
2013 Straily, Dan 0-0 / 4.50
2013 Teheran, Julio 0-2 / 10.50
2012 Arroyo, Bronso 1-0 / 4.60
2012 Bailey, Homer 0-0 / 1.00
2012 Cain, Matt 4-2 / 2.10
2012 Carpenter, Chris 10-4 / 3.00
2012 Detwiler, Ross 0-0 / 0.00
2012 Griffin, AJ 0-0 / 3.60
2012 Hughes, Phil 2-4 / 4.54
2012 Jackson, Edwin 1-2 / 5.46
2012 Kuroda, Hiroki 2-2 / 3.94
2012 Latos, Mat 0-1 / 6.48
2012 Leake, Mike 0-1 / 10.38
2012 Lincecum, Tim 5-2 / 2.40
2012 Lohse, Kyle 2-5 / 4.86
2012 Milone, Tommy 0-0 / 1.50
2012 Pettitte, Andy 19-11 / 3.81
2012 Saunders, Joe 1-1 / 4.30
2012 Zito, Barry 6-3 / 2.83
2011 Collmenter, Josh 1-0 / 1.29
2011 Halladay, Roy 3-2 / 2.37
2011 Lee, Cliff 7-3 / 2.52
2011 Harrison, Matt 1-2 / 5.40
2011 Hudson, Daniel 1-1 / 5.40
2011 Kennedy, Ian 0-1 / 4.26
2011 Marcum, Shaun 0-3 / 14.90
2011 Nova, Ivan 1-1 / 4.32
2011 Oswalt, Roy 5-2 / 3.73
2011 Wolf, Randy 1-1 / 6.63
2010 Blanton, Joe 3-2 / 4.66
2010 Davis, Wade 4-0 / 1.80
2010 Duensing, Brian 1-3 / 7.24
2010 Garza, Matt 2-1 / 3.48
2010 Hanson, Tommy 0-0 / 9.00
2010 Hunter, Tommy 0-2 / 4.40
2010 Lowe, Derek 5-7 / 3.42
2010 Pavano, Carl 2-2 / 2.51
2010 Sanchez, Jonathan 0-2 / 4.05
2009 Beckett, Josh 7-3 / 3.07
2009 Blackburn, Nick 0-0 / 1.59
2009 Cook, Aaron 1-1 / 4.91
2009 Jimenez, Ubaldo 0-3 / 4.50
2009 Martinez, Pedro 6-4 / 3.46
2009 Padilla, Vicente 1-1 / 3.63
2009 Pineiro, Joel 0-1 / 7.50
2008 Billingsley, Chad 1-2 / 6.88
2008 Buehrle, Mark 2-1 / 4.11
2008 Bush, Dave 1-0 / 1.69
2008 Danks, John 1-0 / 4.05
2008 Dempster, Ryan 0-1 / 5.19
2008 Floyd, Gavin 0-1 / 12.00
2008 Harden, Rich 1-3 / 6.35
2008 Matsuzaka, Daisuke 3-1 / 4.79
2008 Moyer, Jamie 3-3 / 4.14
2008 Myers, Brett 2-1 / 4.50
2008 Sonnanstine, Andy 2-1 / 4.24
2008 Suppan, Jeff 3-4 / 3.63
2008 Vazquez, Javier 1-1 / 10.34
2008 Wakefield, Tim 5-7 / 6.75
2008 Zambrano, Carlos 0-2 / 4.34
2007 Byrd, Paul 3-1 / 5.40
2007 Clemens, Roger 12-8 / 3.75
2007 Davis, Doug 1-0 / 4.22
2007 Escobar, Kelvim 1-2 / 3.66
2007 Fogg, Josh 2-1 / 5.91
2007 Francis, Jeff 2-1 / 4.86
2007 Hernandez, Livan 7-3 / 3.97
2007 Hernandez, Roberto 0-1 / 7.20
2007 Kendrick, Kyle 0-1 / 12.27
2007 Lilly, Ted 0-2 / 6.61
2007 Morales, Franklin 0-0 / 9.37
2007 Owings, Mitch 1-1 / 2.70
2007 Schilling, Curt 11-2 / 2.23
2007 Wang, Chien-Ming 1-3 / 7.58
2007 Webb, Brandon 1-1 / 3.46
2007 Westbrook, Jake 2-2 / 5.03
2006 Bonderman, Jeremy 1-0 / 3.10
2006 Bonser, Boof 0-0 / 3.00
2006 Glavine, Tom 14-16 / 3.30
2006 Haren, Dan 2-0 / 3.26
2006 Johnson, Randy 7-9 / 3.50
2006 Kuo, Hung-Chih 1-1 / 2.92
2006 Loiaza, Esteban 0-3 / 4.44
2006 Maddux, Greg 11-14 / 3.27
2006 Maine, John 1-0 /2.63
2006 Mussina, Mike 7-8 / 3.42
2006 Perez, Oliver 2-0 / 3.86
2006 Radke, Brad 2-3 / 3.60
2006 Reyes, Anthony 1-0 / 3.00
2006 Robertson, Nate 1-2 / 5.17
2006 Rogers, Kenny 3-3 / 4.15
2006 Santana, Johan 1-3 / 3.97
2006 Trachsel, Steve 0-1 / 14.54
2006 Weaver, Jeff 4-4 / 3.89
2006 Wells, David 10-5 / 3.17
2006 Williams, Woody 3-3 / 5.66
2006 Wright, Jaret 3-6 / 7.07
2005 Astacio, Pedro 0-1 / 2.00
2005 Backe, Brandon 1-0 / 2.95
2005 Chacon, Shawn 0-0 / 2.84
2005 Clement, Matt 1-2 / 8.62
2005 Contreras, Jose 4-3 / 3.49
2005 Garland, Jon 1-0 / 2.25
2005 Morris, Matt 2-6 / 4.05
2005 Muldar, Mark 3-4 / 2.34
2005 Smoltz, John 15-4 / 2.67
2005 Sosa, Jorge 0-1 / 4.50
2005 Washburn, Jarrod 1-3 / 4.91
2004 Brown, Kevin 5-5 / 4.19
2004 Hampton, Mike 2-4 / 3.74
2004 Hernandez, Orlando 9-3 / 2.55
2004 Lieber, Jon 1-1 / 3.43
2004 Lima, Jose 1-1 / 2.16
2004 Marquis, Jason 0-2 / 4.56
2004 Munro, Peter 0-0 / 9.00
2004 Ortiz, Russ 3-1 / 5.73
2004 Perez, Odalis 1-1 / 15.00
2004 Silva, Carlos 0-1 / 10.80
2004 Thomson, John 0-0 / 0.00
2003 Burkett, John 2-1 / 4.80
2003 Penny, Brad 3-2 / 7.66
2003 Ponson, Sidney 0-0 / 7.20
2003 Prior, Mark 2-1 / 2.31
2003 Redman, Mark 0-1 / 6.50
2003 Rueter, Kirk 1-1 / 3.79
2003 Schmidt, Jason 3-1 / 3.06
2003 Williams, Jerome 0-0 / 13.50
2003 Willis, Dontrelle 0-1 / 8.53
2003 Wood, Kerry 2-2 / 3.43
2002 Appier, Kevin 0-2 / 5.34
2002 Batista, Miguel 1-2 / 3.55
2002 Benes, Andy 1-1 / 5.47
2002 Finley, Chuck 1-2 / 4.50
2002 Mays, Joe 1-1 / 4.76
2002 Millwood, Kevin 3-3 / 3.92
2002 Milton, Eric 1-0 / 1.65
2002 Ortiz, Ramon 2-0 / 8.40
2002 Reed, Rick 1-3 / 5.43
2001 Abbott, Paul 1-1 / 5.79
2001 Anderson, Brian 2-1 / 2.43
2001 Kile, Darryl 1-3 / 4.80
2001 Lidle, Cory 0-1 / 12.71
2001 Lopez, Albie 0-2 / 9.95
2001 Miller, Wade 0-0 / 2.57
2001 Mlicki, Dave 0-1 / 0.00
2001 Reynolds, Shane 1-3 / 4.18
2001 Sele, Aaron 0-6 / 4.46
2001 Smith, Bud 1-0 / 1.80
2000 Ankiel, Rick 0-0 / 15.75
2000 Baldwin, James 0-0 / 1.50
2000 Estes, Shawn 0-0 / 10.50
2000 Gardner, Mark 0-1 / 8.31
2000 Halama, John 0-0 / 3.77
2000 Hentgen, Pat 1-2 / 9.24
2000 Heredia, Gil 1-1 / 12.79
2000 Jones, Bobby 1-1 / 4.50
2000 Leiter, Al 2-3 / 4.63
2000 Neagle, Denny 1-2 / 3.44
2000 Parque, Jim 0-0 / 4.50
2000 Sirotka, Mike 0-1 / 4.76
2000 Stephenson, Garrett 0-0 / 2.45
1999 Burba, Dave 3-0 / 2.14
1999 Cone, David 8-3 / 3.80
1999 Daal, Omar 0-1 / 6.15
1999 Helling, Rick 0-2 / 4.32
1999 Martinez, Ramon 0-2 / 4.74
1999 Mercker, Kent 0-2 / 3.63
1999 Nagy, Charles 3-4 / 4.46
1999 Saberhagen, Bret 2-4 / 4.67
1999 Stottlemyre, Todd 3-5 / 5.91
1999 Yoshii, Masato 0-1 / 5.54
1998 Ashby, Andy 0-1 / 4.71
1998 Clark, Mark 0-1 / 3.00
1998 Gooden, Dwight 0-4 / 3.97
1998 Hamilton, Joey 0-2 / 3.57
1998 Hitchcock, Sterling 4-0 / 1.76
1998 Ogea, Chad 2-3 / 3.26
1998 Schourek, Pete 1-1 / 1.35
1998 Tapani, Kevin 1-2 / 5.40
1997 Alvarez, Wilson 1-2 / 4.42
1997 Erickson, Scott 2-1 / 3.98
1997 Fassero, Jeff 3-0 / 1.46
1997 Fernandez, Alex 1-3 / 3.95
1997 Hershiser, Orel 8-3 / 2.59
1997 Kamieniecki, Scott 1-0 / 2.77
1997 Key, Jimmy 5-3 / 3.15
1997 Saunders, Tony 0-1 / 9.82
1996 Benes, Alan 0-1 / 2.84
1996 Coppinger, Rocky 0-1 / 8.44
1996 Hill, Ken 2-1 / 2.61
1996 Oliver, Darren 2-2 / 4.32
1996 McDowell, Jack 0-4 / 8.72
1996 Nomo, Hideo 0-2 / 10.38
1996 Osborne, Donovan 1-1 / 9.26
1996 Sanders, Scott 0-0 / 8.31
1996 Valdez, Ismael 0-1 / 2.03
1996 Witt, Bobby 0-0 / 9.53
1995 Avery, Steve 5-3 / 2.90
1995 Belcher, Tim 4-2 / 5.02
1995 Bosio, Chris 0-1 / 7.62
1995 Hanson, Erik 0-1 / 4.50
1995 Martinez, Dennis 2-2 / 3.32
1995 Painter, Lance 0-0 / 5.40
1995 Ritz, Kevin 0-0 / 7.71
1995 Smiley, John 0-2 / 6.32
1995 Swift, Bill 0-0 / 6.00
1995 Wolcott, Bob 1-0 / 2.57
1993 Bere, Jason 0-0 / 11.57
1993 Greene, Tommy 1-1 / 13.11
1993 Guzman, Juan 5-1 / 2.44
1993 Jackson, Danny 4-3 / 3.30
1993 Mulholland, Terry 1-2 / 6.61
1993 Stewart, Dave 10-6 / 2.77
1992 Darling, Ron 1-3 / 3.79
1992 Drabek, Doug 2-5 / 2.05
1992 Moore, Mike 4-3 / 3.29
1992 Morris, Jack 7-4 / 3.80
1992 Walk, Bob 3-1 / 4.50
1992 Welch, Bob 3-3 / 4.56
1991 Candiotti, Tom 0-1 / 6.52
1991 Liebrandt, Charlie 1-7 / 3.77
1991 Smith, Zane 1-4 / 2.88
1991 Tomlin, Randy 0-0 / 4.15
1990 Boddicker, Mike 2-2 / 2.51
1990 Browning, Tom 2-1 / 3.71
1990 Kiecker, Dana 0-0 / 1.59
1990 Power, Ted 0-0 / 3.60
1990 Rijo, Jose 3-0 / 2.28
1989 Bielecki, Mike 0-1 / 2.37
1989 Davis, Storm 1-3 / 5.12
1989 Flanagan, Mike 3-2 / 4.33
1989 Garrelts, Scott 1-2 / 7.06
1989 LaCoss, Mike 0-1 / 5.84
1989 Reuschel, Rick 1-4 / 5.85
1989 Robinson, Don 3-2 / 6.75
1989 Steib, Dave 1-3 / 4.26
1989 Sutcliffe, Rick 1-1 / 3.72
1988 Fernandez, Sid 0-2 / 5.40
1988 Hurst, Bruce 3-2 / 2.29
1988 Leary, Tim 0-1 / 3.27
1988 Tudor, John 5-4 / 3.41
1987 Alexander, Doyle 0-5 / 8.38
1987 Blyleven, Burt 5-1 / 2.47
1987 Cox, Danny 3-3 / 3.24
1987 Dravecky, Dave 1-1 / 0.35
1987 Hammaker, Atlee 0-1 / 8.74
1987 Krukow, Mike 1-0 / 2.00
1987 Magrane, Joe 0-1 / 8.74
1987 Mathews, Greg 1-0 / 3.21
1987 Straker, Les 0-0 / 6.94
1987 Tanana, Frank 0-1 / 4.35
1987 Terrell, Walt 0-0 / 9.00
1987 Viola, Frank 3-1 / 4.31
1986 Boyd, Oil Can 1-2 / 5.66
1986 Candelaria, John 2-2 / 2.88
1986 Knepper, Bob 0-1 / 3.98
1986 McCaskill, Kirk 0-2 / 5.54
1986 Nipper, Al 0-1 / 7.11
1986 Ojdea, Bob 2-0 / 2.33
1986 Ryan, Nolan 2-2 / 3.07
1986 Scott, Mike 2-0 / 0.50
1986 Sutton, Don 6-4 / 3.68
1986 Witt, Mike 1-0 / 3.05
1985 Andujar, Joaquin 3-2 / 4.08
1985 Black, Bud 0-2 / 3.86
1985 Forsch, Bob 3-4 / 5.79
1985 Gubicza, Mark 1-0 / 3.24
1985 Reuss, Jerry 2-8 / 3.59
1985 Valenzuela, Fernando 5-1 / 1.98
1984 Eckersley, Dennis 1-3 / 3.00
1984 Lollar, Tom 0-1 / 10.50
1984 Petry, Dan 0-1 / 4.91
1984 Sanderson, Scott 0-0 / 5.73
1984 Show, Eric 0-2 / 12.38
1984 Thurmond, Mark 0-2 / 9.64
1984 Trout, Steve 1-0 / 2.00
1984 Whitson, Ed 1-0 / 4.15
1984 Wilcox, Milt 3-1 / 1.42
1983 Bannister, Floyd 0-1 / 4.50
1983 Burns, Britt 0-0 / 0.96
1983 Carlton, Steve 6-6 / 3.26
1983 Denny, John 1-2 / 2.37
1983 Dotson, Richard 0-1 / 10.80
1983 Hoyt, LaMarr 1-0 / 1.00
1983 Hudson, Charles 1-2 / 5.19
1983 McGregor, Scott 3-3 / 1.63
1982 Caldwell, Mike 2-2 / 4.03
1982 Camp, Rick 0-1 / 36.00
1982 Haas, Moose 1-2 / 7.17
1982 John, Tommy 6-3 / 2.65
1982 Kison, Bruce 5-1 / 1.98
1982 LaPoint, Dave 0-0 / 3.24
1982 Niekro, Phil 0-1 / 3.86
1982 Perez, Pascual 0-1 / 5.19
1982 Stupor, John 1-0 / 3.32
1982 Vuckovich, Pete 1-2 / 3.74
1982 Zahn, Jeff 0-1 / 7.36
1981 Burris, Ray 1-1 / 1.61
1981 Christensen, Larry 1-2 / 7.40
1981 Guidry, Ron 5-2 / 3.02
1981 Gullickson, Bill 1-2 / 2.05
1981 Gura, Larry 2-3 / 3.89
1981 Hooton, Burt 6-3 / 3.17
1981 Jones, Mike 0-1 / 2.89
1981 Keough, Matt 0-1 / 1.08
1981 Langford, Rick 1-0 / 1.23
1981 Leonard, Dennis 3-5 / 4.32
1981 Lerch, Randy 0-0 / 3.18
1981 May, Rudy 0-1 / 3.66
1981 McCatty, Steve 1-1 / 4.38
1981 Niekro, Joe 0-0 / 0.00
1981 Noles, Dickey 0-0 / 2.38
1981 Norris, Mike 1-1 / 1.65
1981 Righetti, Dave 3-0 / 2.12
1981 Rogers, Steve 3-1 / 0.98
1981 Ruhle, Vern 0-1 / 3.45
1981 Ruthven, Dick 1-2 / 3.38
1980 Bystrom, Marty 0-0 / 3.18
1980 Forsch, Ken 0-1 / 4.15
1980 Gale, Rich 0-1 / 4.26
1980 Splittorff, Paul 2-0 / 2.79
1979 Bibby, Jim 0-0 / 2.08
1979 Frost, Dave 0-1 / 18.69
1979 Knapp, Chris 0-1 / 7.71
1979 Palmer, Jim 8-3 / 2.61
1979 Pastore, Frank 0-0 / 2.57
1979 Rooker, Jim 0-1 / 3.20
1979 Seaver, Tom 3-3 / 2.77
1978 Beattie, Jim 2-0 / 1.88
1978 Figueroa, Ed 0-4 / 7.47
1978 Hunter, Catfish 9-6 / 3.26
1978 Rau, Doug 0-2 / 6.55
1977 Gullett, Don 4-5 / 3.77
1977 Hassler, Andy 0-2 / 4.60
1977 Lonborg, Jim 2-3 / 3.51
1977 Torrez, Mike 2-1 / 3.10
1976 Ellis, Doc 2-4 / 4.08
1976 Kaat, Jim 1-3 / 4.01
1976 Nolan, Gary 2-2 / 3.34
1976 Norman, Fred 1-1 / 5.01
1976 Zachry, Pat 2-0 / 2.87
1975 Billingham, Jack 2-1 / 1.93
1975 Blue, Vida 1-5 / 4.31
1975 Cleveland, Reggie 0-1 / 6.17
1975 Holtzman, Ken 6-4 / 2.30
1975 Lee, Bill 0-0 / 2.93
1975 McNally, Dave 7-4 / 2.49
1975 Tiant, Luis 3-0 / 2.86
1975 Wise, Rick 2-0 / 4.97
1974 Cuellar, Mike 4-4 / 2.85
1974 Downing, Al 0-3 / 4.87
1974 Messersmith, Andy 1-2 / 3.46
1973 Grimsley, Ross 3-2 / 3.24
1973 Koosman, Jerry 4-0 / 3.79
1973 Matlack, John 2-2 / 1.40
1973 Stone, George 0-0 / 1.69
1972 Blass, Steve 3-1 / 3.10
1972 Briles, Nelson 2-1 / 2.65
1972 Coleman, Joe 1-0 / 0.00
1972 Fryman, Woodie 0-2 / 6.14
1972 Lolich, Mickey 3-1 / 1.57
1972 McGlothlin, Jim 0-0 / 8.64
1972 Moose, Bob 0-2 / 6.30
1972 Odom, Blue Moon 3-1 / 1.13
1971 Cumberland, John 0-1 / 9.00
1971 Dobson, Pat 0-0 / 3.97
1971 Johnson, Bob 1-1 / 3.32
1971 Marichal, Juan 0-1 / 1.50
1971 Perry, Gaylord 1-1 / 6.14
1971 Segui, Diego 0-1 / 4.76
1971 Walker, Luke 0-1 / 6.23
1970 Cloninger, Tony 0-1 / 5.84
1970 Hall, Tom 1-1 / 3.57
1970 Merritt, Jim 1-1 / 5.23
1970 Perry, Jim 0-1 / 6.75
1969 Boswell, Dave 0-1 / 1.35
1969 Gentry, Gary 1-0 / 2.08
1969 Jarvis, Pat 0-1 / 12.46
1969 Miller, Bob 0-2 / 3.07
1969 Reed, Ron 0-2 / 5.06
1968 Gibson, Bob 7-2 / 1.89
1968 McLain, Denny 1-2 / 3.24
1968 Washburn, Ray 1-1 / 8.18
1968 Wilson, Earl 0-1 / 6.23
1967 Bell, Gary 0-1 / 5.06
1967 Hughes, Dick 0-1 / 4.82
1967 Santiago, Jose 0-2 / 5.59
1967 Waslewski, Gary 0-0 / 2.16
1966 Bunker, Wally 1-0 / 0.00
1966 Drysdale, Don 3-3 / 2.95
1966 Koufax, Sandy 4-3 / 0.95
1966 Osteen, Claude 1-2 / 0.86
1965 Grant, Mudcat 2-1 / 2.52
1965 Pascual, Camilo 0-1 / 5.40
1964 Bouton, Jim 2-1 / 1.48
1964 Ford, Whitey 10-8 / 2.71
1964 Sadecki, Ray 1-0 / 5.73
1964 Simmons, Curt 0-1 / 2.51
1964 Strottlemyre, Mel 1-1 / 3.15
1963 Podres, Johnny 4-1 / 2.11
1962 O'Dell, Billy 0-1 / 4.38
1962 Pierce, Billy 1-1 / 1.89
1962 Sanford, Jack 1-2 / 1.93
1962 Stafford, Bill 1-0 / 2.08
1962 Terry, Ralph 2-4 / 2.93
1961 Jay, Joey 1-1 / 5.59
1961 O'Toole, Jim 0-2 / 3.00
1961 Purkey, Bob 0-1 / 1.64
1960 Ditmar, Art 0-2 / 3.18
1960 Friend, Bob 0-2 / 13.50
1960 Haddix, Harvey 2-0 / 2.45
1960 Law, Vern 2-0 / 3.44
1960 Turley, Bob 4-3 / 3.19
1960 Mizell, Vinegar Bend 0-1 / 15.43
1959 Craig, Roger 2-2 / 6.49
1959 Donovan, Dick 0-1 / 5.40
1959 Shaw, Bob 1-1 / 2.57
1959 Wynn, Early 1-2 / 4.95
1958 Burdette, Lew 4-2 / 2.92
1958 Larsen, Don 4-2 / 2.75
1958 Rush, Bob 0-1 / 3.00
1958 Spahn, Warren 4-3 / 3.05
1957 Buhl, Bob 0-1 / 10.80
1957 Shantz, Bobby 0-1 / 4.15
1957 Sturdivant, Tom 1-0 / 4.34
1956 Erskine, Carl 2-2 / 5.83
1956 Kucks, Johnny 1-0 / 1.89
1956 Labine, Clem 2-2 / 3.16
1956 Maglie, Sal 1-2 / 3.41
1956 Newcombe, Don 0-4 / 8.59
1955 Byrne, Tommy 1-1 / 2.53
1955 Grim, Bob 0-2 / 4.91
1955 Loes, Billy 1-2 / 4.91
1955 Spooner, Carl 0-1 / 13.50
1954 Antonelli, Johnny 1-0 / 0.84
1954 Garcia, Mike 0-1 / 5.40
1954 Gomez, Ruben 1-0 / 2.45
1954 Lemon, Bob 2-2 / 3.94
1954 Liddle, Don 1-0 / 1.29
1953 Lopat, Eddie 4-1 / 2.60
1953 McDonald, Jim 1-0 / 5.87
1953 Raschi, Vic 5-3 / 2.24
1953 Reynolds, Allie 7-2 / 2.79
1953 Roe, Preacher 2-1 / 2.54
1952 Black, Joe 1-2 / 2.82
1952 Blackwell, Ewell 0-0 / 7.20
1951 Hearn, Jim 1-0 / 1.04
1951 Jansen, Larry 0-2 / 6.30
1951 Koslo, Dave 1-1 / 3.00
1950 Heintzelman, Ken 0-0 / 1.17
1950 Konstanty, Jim 0-1 / 2.40
1950 Miller, Bob 0-1 / 27.00
1950 Roberts, Robin 0-1 / 1.64
1949 Barney, Rex 0-2 / 6.75
1949 Branca, Ralph 1-2 / 6.35
1948 Bearden, Gene 1-0 / 0.00
1948 Bickford, Vern 0-1 / 2.70
1948 Feller, Bob 0-2 / 5.02
1948 Gromek, Steve 1-0 / 1.00
1948 Potter, Nels 0-1 / 3.60
1948 Sain, Johnny 2-2 / 2.64
1948 Voselle, Bill 0-1 / 2.53
1947 Bevens, Bill 0-1 / 2.38
1947 Gregg, Hal 0-1 / 3.55
1947 Hatten, Joe 0-0 / 8.44
1947 Lombardi, Vic 0-1 / 12.15
1947 Newsom, Bobo 2-2 / 2.86
1947 Shea, Spec 2-0 / 2.35
1947 Taylor, Harry 0-0 / --*
1946 Brecheen, Harry 4-1 / 0.83
1946 Dickson, Murry 0-1 / 3.86
1946 Dobson, Joe 1-0 / 0.00
1946 Ferriss, Dave 1-0 / 2.03
1946 Harris, Mickey 0-2 / 3.72
1946 Hughson, Tex 0-1 / 3.14
1946 Munger, Red 1-0 / 1.00
1946 Pollet, Howie 0-1 / 3.38
1945 Borowy, Hank 3-2 / 4.97
1945 Newhouser, Hal 2-1 / 6.53
1945 Overmire, Stubby 0-1 / 3.00
1945 Passeau, Claude 1-0 / 2.70
1945 Prim, Ray 0-1 / 9.00
1945 Trout, Dizzy 1-2 / 1.72
1945 Trucks, Virgil 1-0 / 3.38
1945 Wyse, Hank 0-1 / 7.04
1944 Cooper, Mort 2-3 / 3.00
1944 Galehouse, Denny 1-1 / 1.50
1944 Jakucki, Sig 0-1 / 9.00
1944 Kramer, Jack 1-0 / 0.00
1944 Lanier, Max 2-1 / 1.71
1944 Wilks, Ted 0-1 / 4.91
1943 Bonham, Tiny 1-2 / 3.21
1943 Brazle, Al 0-2 / 4.50
1943 Chandler, Spud 2-2 / 1.62
1943 Russo, Marius 2-0 / 0.50
1942 Beazley, Johnny 2-0 / 2.37
1942 Ruffing, Red 7-2 / 2.63
1942 White, Ernie 1-0 / 0.00
1941 Davis, Curt 0-1 / 5.06
1941 Donald, Atley 0-1 / 7.71
1941 Fitzsimmons, Freddie 0-3 / 3.86
1941 Higbe, Kirby 0-0 / 7.36
1941 Wyatt, Whit 1-1 / 2.50
1940 Bridges, Tommy 4-1 / 3.52
1940 Derringer, Paul 2-4 / 3.42
1940 Rowe, Schoolboy 2-5 / 3.91
1940 Thompson, Gene 0-2 / 14.63
1940 Turner, Jim 0-1 / 6.43
1940 Walters, Bucky 2-2 / 2.79
1939 Gomez, Lefty 6-0 / 2.86
1939 Hildebrand, Oral 0-0 / 0.00
1939 Pearson, Monty 4-0 / 1.01
1938 Bryant, Clay 0-1 / 6.75
1938 Dean, Dizzy 2-2 / 2.88
1938 Lee, Bill 0-2 / 3.38
1937 Hadley, Bump 2-1 / 4.15
1937 Hubbell, Carl 4-2 / 1.79
1937 Melton, Cliff 0-2 / 4.91
1937 Schumacher, Hal 2-2 / 4.13
1935 Auker, Eldon 1-1 / 4.67
1935 Carleton, Tex 0-1 / 5.06
1935 Crowder, General 1-2 / 3.81
1935 French, Larry 0-2 / 3.00
1935 Root, Charlie 0-3 / 6.75
1935 Warneke, Lon 2-1 / 2.63
1934 Hallahan, Bill 3-1 / 1.36
1934 Dean, Paul 2-0 / 1.00
1933 Stewart, Lefty 0-1 / 9.00
1933 Weaver, Monte 0-1 / 1.74
1933 Whitehill, Earl 1-0 / 0.00
1932 Allen, Johnny 0-0 / 6.23
1932 Bush, Guy 1-1 / 5.40
1932 Pipgras, George 3-0 / 2.77
1931 Earnshaw, George 4-3 / 1.58
1931 Grimes, Burleigh 3-4 / 4.29
1931 Grove, Lefty 4-2 / 1.75
1931 Hoyt, Waite 6-4 / 1.83
1931 Johnson, Syl 0-1 / 4.50
1930 Haines, Jesse 3-1 / 1.67
1930 Rhem, Flint 0-1 / 6.10
1930 Walberg, Rube 1-1 / 1.93
1929 Ehmke, Howard 1-0 / 1.42
1929 Malone, Pat 0-3 / 3.05
1929 Quinn, Jack 0-1 / 8.44
1928 Alexander, Pete 3-2 / 3.56
1928 Sherdel, Bill 0-4 / 3.26
1928 Zachary, Paul 3-0 / 2.86
1927 Aldridge, Vic 2-1 / 5.26
1927 Hill, Carmen 0-0 / 4.50
1927 Kremer, Ray 2-2 / 3.12
1927 Meadows, Lee 0-2 / 6.28
1927 Moore, Wilcy 2-0 / 0.56
1927 Pennock, Herb 5-0 / 1.95
1926 Ruether, Dutch 1-1 / 2.95
1926 Shawkey, Bob 1-3 / 4.54
1926 Shocker, Urban 0-1 / 5.87
1925 Coveleski, Stan 3-2 / 1.74
1925 Ferguson, Alex 1-1 / 3.21
1925 Johnson, Walter 3-3 / 2.52
1925 Yde, Emil 0-1 / 11.57
1924 Barnes, Virgil 0-1 / 4.15
1924 Bentley, Jack 1-3 / 4.94
1924 Marberry, Firppo 0-1 / 3.75
1924 McQuillan, Hugh 2-1 / 3.60
1924 Mogridge, George 1-0 / 2.25
1924 Ogden, Curly 0-0 / 0.00
1924 Nehf, Art 4-4 / 2.16
1923 Bush, Bullet Joe 2-5 / 2.67
1923 Jones, Sad Sam 0-2 / 2.05
1923 Scott, Jack 1-1 / 3.00
1923 Watson, Mule 0-0 / 10.13
1922 Barnes, Jesse 2-0 / 1.71
1922 Mays, Carl 3-4 / 2.35
1921 Douglas, Phil 2-2 / 2.00
1921 Harper, Harry 0-0 / 20.25
1921 Toney, Fred 0-0 / 23.63
1920 Bagby, Jim 1-1 / 1.80
1920 Cadore, Leon 0-1 / 9.00
1920 Caldwell, Ray 0-1 / 27.00
1920 Mails, Duster 1-0 / 0.00
1920 Marquard, Rube 2-5 / 3.07
1920 Smith, Sherry 1-2 / 0.89
1919 Cicotte, Eddie 2-3 / 2.22
1919 Eller, Hod 2-0 / 2.00
1919 Fisher, Ray 0-1 / 2.35
1919 Kerr, Dickey 2-0 / 1.42
1919 Ring, Jimmy 1-1 / 0.64
1919 Sallee, Slim 1-3 / 3.45
1919 Williams, Lefty 0-3 / 6.75
1918 Ruth, Babe 3-0 / 0.87
1918 Tyler, Lefty 1-1 / 1.91
1918 Vaughn, Hippo 1-2 / 3.00
1917 Benton, Rube 1-1 / 0.00
1917 Faber, Red 3-1 / 2.33
1917 Russell, Reb 0-0 / inf
1917 Schupp, Ferdie 1-0 / 1.74
1916 Coombs, Jack 5-0 / 2.70
1916 Leonard, Dutch 2-0 / 1.00
1916 Pfeffer, Jeff 0-1 / 1.98
1916 Shore, Ernie 3-1 / 1.82
1915 Chalmers, George 0-1 / 2.25
1915 Foster, Rube 2-0 / 1.71
1915 Mayer, Erskine 0-1 / 2.19
1914 Bender, Chief 6-4 / 2.44
1914 James, Bill 2-0 / 0.00
1914 Plank, Eddie 2-5 / 1.32
1914 Rudolph, Dick 2-0 / 0.50
1913 Demaree, Al 0-1 / 4.50
1913 Mathewson, Christy 5-5 / 0.97
1913 Tesreau, Jeff 1-3 / 3.62
1912 Bediant, Hugh 1-0 / 0.50
1912 Collins, Ray 0-0 / 1.88
1912 O'Brien, Buck 0-2 / 5.00
1912 Wood, Smoky Joe 3-1 / 4.50
1911 Ames, Red 0-1 / 2.45
1910 Brown, Mordecai 5-4 / 2.97
1910 Cole, King 0-0 / 3.38
1910 Overall, Orval 3-1 / 1.58
1910 Reulbach, Ed 2-0 / 3.03
1909 Adams, Babe 3-0 / 1.29
1909 Camnitz, Howie 0-1 / 13.50
1909 Donovan, Bill 1-4 / 2.88
1909 Leifield, Lefty 0-1 / 11.25
1909 Maddox, Nick 1-0 / 1.00
1909 Mullin, George 3-3 / 1.86
1909 Summers, Ed 0-4 / 5.73
1909 Willis, Vic 0-1 / 4.63
1908 Killian, Ed 0-0 / 5.68
1908 Pfiester, Jack 1-3 / 3.97
1907 Siever, Ed 0-1 / 4.50
1906 Altrock, Nick 1-1 / 1.00
1906 Walsh, Ed 2-0 / 0.60
1906 White, Doc 1-1 / 1.80
1905 Coakley, Andy 0-1 / 3.00
1905 McGinnity, Joe 1-1 / 0.00
1903 Dinneen, Bill 3-1 / 2.06
1903 Hughes, Tom 0-1 / 9.00
1903 Kennedy, Brickyard 0-1 / 5.14
1903 Leever, Sam 0-2 / 5.40
1903 Phillippe, Deacon 3-2 / 2.70
1903 Young, Cy 2-1 / 1.85
*Pitched 0 innings, allowed 1 R but 0 ER
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2020.09.13 19:54 SuperBlaar Advice - Does Jarquin's Vago Espadin work as a mixer?

I'm rather new to mezcal and I live in France, where it isn't very easy to find, let alone reasonably priced quality mezcal.
I've been wanting to buy a bottle or two for some time, mostly for mixing but also for sipping, and I realised that through my different options, I can get Del Maguey Vida, Jarquin's Vago Espadin, Aquiliano Garcia's Vago Elote and Marca Negra Espadin which are all more or less in the same price range when it comes to the place I'll buy them from. I can also get Del Maguey Madrecuixe for the same price on special offer, but I can't seem to find many reviews on that one.
These bottles come at quite a high price here, so I've been scouting the internet, including this subreddit , for the last 24 hours to try to make my mind up.
From what I've understood, at an identical price point, the Vago Espadin would be the best choice if I was just looking for a sipper. But people also seem to say that Maguey's Vida is the best mixer, and I was wondering if this is just price relative? IE. in my case, it seems like buying the Vago Espadin to use as a sipper and a mixer would be the best choice no? I'm thinking there may be a subtlety that makes a Vida a great mixer and which would make the others a poorer alternative that I'm missing (like, I decided to bar out the Elote due to the very pronounced corn taste which seems to be reported a lot as I'm frightened that would create an imbalance as a mixer). I've also been reading stuff like Mezcal which has under 45% abv will be of lower quality, etc.. so I'm really tempted in getting the Vago.
Thank you!
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2020.09.12 23:40 waxy303 [For Sale] NAO, A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller, MSI, The Underachievers, Kid Cudi, Linkin Park, Marcy Playground and many more!!

Recently lost my job and bills don't stop! Thus I am selling some more albums to raise some funds. Tons of variety and a few grails hidden in there! Please don't hesitate to message me about pricing on anything.
Everything posted is VG+ to NM, typically only played once or twice and sometimes still in the shrink, unless stated otherwise. I am happy to send pictures of anything listed as well.
$4 shipping within the US, each additional record add $2. Outside of the US message me to discuss shipping.
I based my prices off of Discogs and occasionally Ebay and tried to beat the lowest offered price, or at least match it on some of the harder to find releases. I am however always open to reasonable offers and happy to discuss prices/trades!
$15 The Chainsmokers - Collage
  1. Atmosphere lot $80
  2. Atmosphere and Brother Ali lot $140
FREEBIES (one per order, first come first serve)
These are up for grabs with any purchase over $40 above, just let me know what release you'd like and it's yours! Asking that you add $2 for shipping.
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2020.09.12 18:37 thevitaphonequeen Santa Letter Saturday: Road Trip (Alabama)

I promised it, so here it is.
These are from the Daily Mountain Eagle in Jasper, Alabama, from 1915.
Queen (girl)
Bryon (boy)
Farlind (boy)
Com (boy)
Henry Etta (girl—no, not Henryetta. Two words.)
Garmon (boy)
Gains (boy)
Violet, Hester, and Grover (sisters and brother)
Boss (boy—I wonder if he actually became a boss?)
Jocie (girl)
Berry (boy—his last name was a popular color surname)
Uvy (girl)
Climnie (girl)
Lamie and Luevenia (sisters)
Aud (boy)
Zora (girl)
Pallie (girl)
Nanie (girl)
Dewy (my guess is boy)
Kenneth, Velma, Vinal, and Carl Hobson (brother, sister, sister, and brother)
Price (boy)
Lena, Ura, Claude, Francis, and Corrine (sister, sister, brother, brother, and sister)
Ezell (girl)
Glara, Leola, and Robbie Lee (sisters)
Vista Orlena (girl)
Mary and Edward (sister and brother)
Quill (girl)
Belton (boy—this kid wrote an elaborate poem about wanting to be a preacher and loving Jesus)
Honorable mentions, whose letters came in too late but were sent directly to Santa:
Gradie, Hobson, and Geminie (my guess is brother, brother, and sister)
Hobson (my guess is boy—this was a different Hobson)
Minnie and Mildred (sisters)
Vida, John, and Walter (sister, brother, and brother)
Bonus fun: I’m having trouble finding ones from New Hampshire and Rhode Island. doesn’t seem to carry much in the way of Santa-letter-containing newspapers as far as those two states go. If anyone can find some from those two states (anywhere on the 'net), please let me know.
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2020.09.11 03:51 mba199 Discussing the difference between Heinz and Schneider

First things first, I'm trying to be reasonable to both sides, so no name calling, no blaming everything on the other nor anything like that.
I was thinking: Heinz could be said to be a good guy but really unlucky, but, once I thought about it a little more deeply, I thought... Is that really the case?
Schneider is someone who was known to be chaotic, he killed nobles and people for no visible reason at all if necessary, yet, he doubted his faith, found a truth, and decided to prioritize this mission over how he looks in human society, as such, when some Noble kills a Vida race child slave, and Schneider punches him to space, to Schneider, that was avenging, but to that society, that was just "random" or "this guy is crazy".
Now, before mentioning Heinz, us readers know how it ended up on the victim side, but that does not matter in this discussion, because Heinz could not have known that Van survived, or that Darcia's spirit was still around, he only started learning about it after their meeting in Hartner, as such, the idea of doing something for them, like reviving (which was considered impossible) or taking care of him would be non-sense, so there is really no reason to debate his position in regards to Vandalieu, let's not waste time.
So, Heinz follows order, he found a truth: He made a mistake, thus, he had to atone, and that's good, everyone has made mistakes, and all they have to do is pay the price, or do something to atone for it, or be punished, that's how it usually is, so what he tried to do? Change society. That's good.
However, we see in Hartner that... He didn't really knew about the slave thing for 200 years... Ok, that's likely not readily available information, and it's not like those around him (Alda Reconciliation Faction and Duke) would have told him "Oh, there are some innocent people there, please rescue them.", if he knew, I actually think he would have helped them, AND, if Hartner were to not accept, Heinz may have not gone violent like Schneider, but he would be sure to try to help those people who have been slaves for 200 years for a crime that the Duchy itself had done against them until they are rescued, he is that annoying after all.
Now, if you disagree or not with the above, to say the truth, it's irrelevant, so I will just consider this "what if" example as a "best case scenario".
The real problem with the situation above is "not readily available information", meaning, Heinz is not trying to actively save people that may be suffering where he can't see, rather, he is only trying to resolve what he can see.
Of course, the fact that it's not easy to learn makes it really hard to find, however the Chaotic Schneider went far and beyond searching for victims and saving people. What about Heinz? He was trying to class up to Rank S, and he was trying to deal with a real big problem in human society: The Vampires who Worship and Evil God (Which were certainly a big problem, so that was not a wrong option).
After that? He turned into an Honorary Earl and National Hero for the Orbaum Kingdom...
And after that? He was the poster boy for his religion, doing adventurer-like tasks like exterminating Ghoul Villages that supposedly attacked people (Most likely lies, but could be true), or Majins who were manipulating nobles for their own benefit (Actually true), and were securing fragments of the Demon King and worshiping an Evil God (Also true). Oh, he also dealt with some Alda fanatics who tried to kill Selen, because they tried to kill Selen in front of them...
And after that? Waiting for months in Farzon for the Trial of Zakkart...
So if you are going to blame the Vida races he killed or didn't save, Van said it himself, he is not angry about that, if races attacked humans, then humans will defend themselves, so if you want to blame anyone, I can just say that he was just following what the Adventurer's Guild and the Duke hired him to do, so, should we blame Farmoun or Duke Farzon? I'm completely ok with both.
Maybe Heinz didn't had as much time considering his high ideals compared to the easy to deal Schneider, however, considering his actions, in the end, he doesn't look too deeply if what he is doing is correct or not, even in that best case scenario, if the innocent slaves were to die while he is trying to use the system that is killing them to free them, all that will happen is that he will fell worst, and will try to atone more, history will remember those who died as "necessary sacrifices". Meanwhile, how is he atoning? By repeating this cycle.
To his credit, he is trying to fix the root of the problem... It's a superficial problem though... For example, condemning the imprisonment, but giving up on fixing the reason why they were imprisoned because the related people are no more. Or having noticed inconsistencies within his knowledge (like he mentioned about Ghouls not being Undead), yet not doing anything about it. He is someone who can only act when he notices something, or someone tells him what to do.
Now, let's make another "what if", let's say that Van met another adventurer in Orbaum who actually has the same personality as Heinz, but none of his "sins", just a really nice Alda Believer who tries to be nice to him, is capable by himself, is friendly and tries to help those that ask for his help... Now that I think about it, isn't it similar to Amemiya?
Both seem to have a hero complex, but only notice the consequences of their actions a little too late, however, they have a strong sense of self, so, Clone Heinz would still be an Alda believer and never guided by Van, but he would likely be friendly, he would even accept the Ghouls presented in Moksi, and once Van raises the point that they are also Vida Races, he is more than willing to accept and help too.
But if something were to serve as a criticism against Alda, I feel like he would likely minimize the problem, mostly by quoting something from Zakkart (of all people), which, mind you, the real Heinz has already done in the past before the Trial, where he expresses his wish to talk to Alda to change his idea on Vida's races, arguing to his friends that, as Zakkart once said, "even Gods make mistakes".
Basically, as much as a good guy he may be, in the end, you could say that he is more worried for surface matters (Where a culprit is easy to identify, and I don't mean just stuff like monsters or Vampires, even the ability to minimize criticism is also a way of avoiding the root and keeping it only to the surface) rather than reflecting beyond himself, which may be the main reason why he wouldn't be guided by Van.
Heinz tried to change things, but although bad people were doing things contrary to that new truth of his, he accepted he wouldn't get people to understand his point (Which is why he is a Guider), and find some other way of accomplishing his superficial objective. Now, that's not wrong per se mind you, but basically, this is a single situation where Schneider would have dirtied his face to do what he felt was right, and Heinz would dirty the victims to avoid dirtying himself.
Although it's alright to not enforce your ideals onto others, this also shows that, while Schneider knows that there is something really bad, and he wants to help fix it soon, and will act accordingly to it, Heinz knows that there is something really bad, but because it's the same source as his own faith, he is blind to it, while Schneider went through and changed completely.
It does make sense that, forcing correction will cause chaos, and won't change other people's view, rather, it can even worse, like, if Schneider were to kill slave owners, it's possible people would just kill the slaves, which would go against Schneider's objective, however, the inability to see the truth, the pseudo-empathy, that's what makes Heinz repeat his actions in a never ending spiral of mistakes.
Sorry for the wall of text. :x
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2020.09.05 23:16 waxy303 [For Sale] A plethora of genres including: a TON of hip-hop, rock, pop, r&b, funk, electronic and more!!

Lost my job of 3 years last week and was not expecting it. Thus I am selling some more albums to raise some funds. Tons of variety and a few grails hidden in there! Please don't hesitate to message me about pricing on anything.
Everything posted is VG+ to NM, typically only played once or twice and sometimes still in the shrink, unless stated otherwise. I am happy to send pictures of anything listed as well.
$4 shipping within the US, each additional record add $2. Outside of the US message me to discuss shipping.
I based my prices off of Discogs and occasionally Ebay and tried to beat the lowest offered price, or at least match it on some of the harder to find releases. I am however always open to reasonable offers and happy to discuss prices/trades!
* $25 NAO - For All We Know (double green edition)
  1. Atmosphere lot $80
  2. Atmosphere and Brother Ali lot $140
$13 Doomtree - Doomtree
$40 Felt - A Tribute to Christina Ricci
$35 Felt - A Trubute to Lisa Bonet (10 year anniversary reissue)
$15 Ginuwine - The Bachelor
$60 Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. (red vinyl, no auto sleeve)
$25 Migos - Culture (gold, webstore exclusive)
$75 Three 6 Mafia - Most Known Unknown (purple/white/blue splatter, /300, numbered in gold pen)
FREEBIES (one per order, first come first serve)
These are up for grabs with any purchase over $40 above, just let me know what release you'd like and it's yours! Asking that you add $2 for shipping.
Tory Lanez - I Told You
Wax Taylor - Dusty Rainbow From The Dark
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2020.09.05 00:44 thelarustatrust A solução para a cracolândia

Isso vai ser longo e vai soar contra-intuitivo, mas vamos lá: é quase impossível erradicar a cracolândia sem uma provisão regulada da droga. A Suíça, nos anos 90, tinha a "heroinalândia" deles: o parque das agulhas, em Zurique ( Foi uma tentativa da população de "limpar o centro de cidade" e varrer o problema pra debaixo do tapete ao designar uma zona livre de uso e venda de drogas ilícitas no Parque Platzpitz - um parque onde viciados injetavam heroína e traficantes vendiam drogas livremente. A parada saiu tanto do controle, que todos os drogados de toda a Europa tavam indo pra lá.
Como eles resolveram a situação? Eles ofereceram tratamento para todos os viciados que queriam, aplicaram policiamento forte contra o tráfico, investiram em prevenção, e principalmente - e aqui tá o fator-chave -, eles criaram clínicas onde os viciados que recusavam tratamento e insistiam em usar a droga poderiam ir, três a quatro vezes por dia, injetar uma dose de heroína farmacêutica regulada.
Eles iniciaram esse programs na base de um estudo controlado e de larga-escala em que 800 viciados receberam heroína 100% pura em doses controladas (Uchtenhagen et al). Os resultados do estudo? "O crime entre a população viciada caiu em 60%, metade dos desempregados arrumaram emprego, um terço daqueles que estavam em assistência social conseguiu tornar-se apto a se assistir, ninguém estava sem moradia, e a saúde geral do grupo melhorou dramaticamente. No final do experimento, oitenta e três pacientes decidiram por contra própria largar a heroína em favor da abstinência" (Drug Crazy: How We Got Into This Mess and How We Can Get Out, Mike Gray).
Isso não só eliminou o needle park e toda a cena de uso de drogas em público, mas reduziu massivamente o tráfico no país, melhorou a saúde dos viciados porque eles tavam usando drogas limpas e de qualidade médica, os crimes cometidos por viciados em heroína se tornaram praticamente inexistentes porque eles tinham acesso legal à heroína ridiculamente barata (o que matou a necessidade de obter dinheiro através de roubos), tornou um monte de viciado em pessoas empregadas e habilitou um monte de viciado a ficar limpo. Johann Hari diz:
"Depois das clínicas abrirem, o povo da Suíça começou a notar algo. Os parques e estações que estavam cheio de viciados se esvaziaram. Hoje, crianças brincam lá de novo. As ruas se tornaram mais seguras. As pessoas que receberam heroína prescrita tinham 55% menos infrações de roubos de veículos e 80% menos infrações de roubos e assaltos. O estudo mais detalhado descobriu que a queda no crime foi "quase imediata. A epidemia de HIV entre usuários de drogas cessou. Em 1985, 68% de novas infecções de HIV na Suíça eram causadas por uso de drogas injetáveis, mas em 2009, caiu para aproximadamente 5%.
O número de viciados morrendo anualmente caiu dramaticamente, a proporção que tinha emprego permanente triplicou, e cada um deles passou a ter uma casa. E assim como em Liverpool, a venda de pirâmide por part de viciados se disintregou - pessoas que estavam no programa de heroína prescrita por um período contínuo eram 94.7% menos prováveis de venderem drogas em comparação com a situação antes de entrarem no tratamento. O Jean [um viciado no programa] me diz que os traficantes de drogas aos quais ele costumava trabalhar são "completamente contra esse programa".
Uma provisão regulada é ESSENCIAL, porque a maioria dos viciados da cracolândia se RECUSA a parar de usar. Você pode prendê-los quantas vezes quiser e internar a força tbm - a primeira coisa que eles vão fazer quando botarem o pé na rua é correr pra cracolândia de volta. E se você tentar eliminar a cracolândia através de mero policiamento que nem o retardado do Dória, o resultado vai ser a criação de um monte de novas cracolândias menores e fragmentadas, prejudicando MAIS lugares, que foi exatamente o resultado da medida do Dória.
A ideia de uma provisão regulada de cocaína, incluindo a base livre (crack) pode parecer ridícula, mas é algo que JÁ foi tentado. Vejam esse vídeo: Esse médico, o Dr. John Marks, nos anos 80 e 90, prescrevia heroína e cocaína farmacêutica pra viciados que se recusavam a parar, incluindo cigarros de base livre de cocaína pra quem fumava crack - "crack farmacêutico". Ele diz que haviam pacientes aos quais ele receitou cocaína que continuavam sendo ladrões e não melhoravam, e pra esses ele parou de receitar. Mas MUITO MAIS (a maioria) pacientes aos quais ele receitou cocaína se estabilizou em vidas normais razoáveis.
Então, a reportagem mostra o caso do Michael Lythgoe. O cara se viciou e gastava o equivalente a mil dólares por semana com cocaína e crack. Ele perdeu a empresa, a mulher, os filhos, a casa, e foi parar na rua, exatamente como os viciados lá do centro de SP. Dois anos após uso controlado de cocaína prescrita - ele era prescrito tanto os cigarros de base livre como o spray nasal de cocaína - na clínica do Dr. Marks, o cara 1. arumou lugar pra morar; 2. diminuiu a dosagem da droga voluntariamente; 3. arrumou emprego como caminhoneiro; e 4. estava "lentamente construindo a sua vida novamente".
Essa é a diferença que uma provisão estável e controlada da droga pode fazer na vida do cara que é viciado e não consegue parar de usar. É o único jeito de de fato CONTROLAR o uso do crack, e até reduzi-lo. Assim, provisão controlada é uma medida de racionamento, como os programas europeus de provisão de heroína pra viciados irrecuperáveis. É ÓBVIO que isso não implica em legalizar o crack irrestritamente pra população geral.
O inspetor do condado de polícia, Michael Lofts estudou 143 viciados em heroína e cocaína (incluindo o crack) que recebiam as suas drogas legalmente, em forma farmacêutica, através da clínica do Dr. Marks, e descobriu que houve uma queda de 93% nos roubos cometidos por eles (Policing the Cheshire Drug Treatment Programme: The Cheshire Experience, Michael Lofts). Uma provisão regulada e controlada de drogas tornou o crime praticamente inexistente na vida dessas pessoas.
A queda em furtos foi tão massiva, que a rede de lojas Mark & Spencer publicamente apoiou a política da clínica e patrocinou a primeira Conferência Mundial de Redução de Danos e Uso de Drogas. Como disse Michael Lofts, maravilhado, a um jornal local: "Você podia vê-los se transformarem na frente dos seus olhos. Eles chegavam em condições ultrajantes, roubando diariamente para comprar drogas ilegais, e se tornavam, em sua maioria, pessoas razoáveis e cumpridoras da lei". Em outro lugar, ele disse: "Desde que as clínicas foram abertas, o traficante de heroína das ruas lentamente, mas certamente abandonou as ruas de Warrington e Widnes".
O Dr. Carl Hart fez um experimento uma vez. Ele pegou os viciados em crack mais problemáticos nas ruas e os hospitalizou, onde eles receberiam uma dose de crack farmacêutico no começo do dia. Então, no decorrer do dia, eles seriam oferecidos mais doses, mas poderiam escolher entre o crack puro e $20 em dinheiro ou voucher pra comprar produtos em uma loja. Eles quase sempre escolhiam os $20. Veja, eles deixavam passar um entorpecimento imediato, mesmo sabendo que só receberiam os $20 semanas após o experimento acabar e eles serem liberados.
Por que esses viciados recusavam tranquilamente a droga e os viciados que vemos nas ruas usam descontroladamente, de forma insaciável? Por que os viciados que moram na rua não tem nenhuma razão pra não fumar crack o dia inteiro. A próxima dose é incerta. Não há uma provisão garantida. Já os viciados na clínica do Dr. Hart tinham uma provisão estável. Eles podiam recusar uma dose pelos $20, pois sabiam que era garantido que uma próxima dose viria depois. Isso mostra como uma provisão estável e controlada de droga 'controla' o uso de droga do viciado, mesmo quando se trata de crack. A droga se torna um "produto comum" na vida do viciado, que ele pode recusar ou aceitar dependendo do que ele considerar mais vantajoso. Assim, o foco em usar droga o dia todo deixa de existir quando uma provisão estável é oferecida.
E olha que os viciados do experimento deveriam ser particularmente inclinados a escolher a droga: "Os participantes da pesquisa que eu estudei deveriam ser especialmente propensos a usar drogas. Eles eram usuários de crack comprometidos e experientes, que gastavam tipicamente entre $100 e $500 por semana na droga. Nós recrutamos deliberadamente indivíduos que não buscavam tratamento, pois nós sentíamos que não seria ético dar cocaína para alguém que expressava interesse em parar de usar."
Ademais, o Dr. Carl Hart fala em seu livro (High Price): "Nenhum [viciado em crack] se arrastou no chão, pegando particulas aleatórias e tentando fumá-las. Ninguém estava reclamando ou delirando. Ninguém estava implorando por mais - e absolutamente nenhum dos viciados em cocaína que eu estudei se tornaram violentos. Eu estava obtendo resultados semelhantes com usuários de metanfetamina". Olha a diferença que colocar o usuário de crack numa clínica com acesso ao básico, oportunidade de ganhar dinheiro e uma provisão estável e controlada da droga deles pode fazer. Muda completamente a pessoa. Mudou completamente esses viciados. Removeu todo o desespero. Toda a criminalidade.
Então, é possível resolver o problema da cracolândia em São Paulo. Mas pra isso, muita gente vai ter que engolir a seco o que elas pensam que é verdade sobre viciados em crack e aceitar o que esses experimentos mostram. Criar uma clínica com acesso ao básico e que serve ao mesmo tempo como abrigo pra esses viciados, onde uma provisão estável de drogas é oferecida provê a melhor chance de tornar a cracolândia uma infelicidade do passado e reduzir massivamente tanto o tráfico de drogas nas ruas como roubos cometidos por viciados.
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2020.09.02 21:24 weedislifeman Shareholders vote this Friday on Choom's (CHOOM, CHOOF) acquisition of Phivida (VIDA)

Shareholders vote this Friday on Choom's (CHOOM, CHOOF) acquisition of Phivida (VIDA)
Phivida (VIDA) trading volume is up today and at one point it was up 27% (now up 18%). It's amazing to see what one cent increase can do hah!!The initial acquisition announcement in early June caused a big spike, but since then it has been very quiet and the prices grinding down. Today is the first day I've noticed increased activity, I'm assuming in a lead up to Friday.It is expected that Phivida shareholders will vote in favour of the acquisition. From what I can tell majority of shareholders of both companies see this as a positive move.
Submitted September 02, 2020 at 08:18PM
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2020.09.01 14:58 321mmjfriend New card holder first impressions for Melbourne area

I just got my card and have been trying different dispensaries and what not. I am in the Melbourne Area btw, so we don't have as much to pick from as far as I can tell based on some of the posts.
Also, this community is super active and very helpful. I'd say most opinions are honest and right on.
So far my favorite dispensary for my area is TL. My fave strains from them are the Papaya Cake (also most beautiful big nuggies to date), Rebel Sour 2.0, Dutch Hawaiian, and Sky Walker. Most flower seems to be cut and cured nicely. I wish they would drop more flower at once and not make me check the website all the time to see what's new and fresh. Often times by the time you receive a text all the product is sold out. It sucks driving out to the TL just to get 1 eighth.
The Wax and Crumble are also really nice. I definitely prefer the crumble. Dutch Hawaiian Crumble was the best. I hope they get that back one day. I have gotten the Papaya Wax 2x. The Strawberry Switchblade crumble is very tasty but I still prefer the dutch hawaiian. Just more of an overall euphoric feeling.
I prefer getting delivery over going to the store but the $15 delivery fee is steep. It's hard to make it to $200 when there just isn't much product to pick from. Also, I ordered some wax and it was clear that the car was hot as it had spread out in the container and wasn't in its normal lump. I won't be ordering that through delivery again. They need to get some coolers out here in Florida! The in store experience is a bit intimidating. I have anxiety, so just the whole check in and guards and so much traffic. Then you go in and they have music blasting and you can barely hear anyone because of the music + the masks. Def not my preferred place to go in person.

I also went to Sur Terra. I got the Tier 1 Jacky Girl and the mid level Gorilla Glue. Both were pretty dry. The Jacky Girl was nice dense nugs and filled the entire square container. I'd say it gave me a calm happy high. Honestly, not much to remember about the Gorilla Glue. I also got some shatter from them. It came in a container on wax paper and got so stuck to the paper. I would never get that from them again.
In store experience at Sur Terra was nice. Very calm. They only have one room in Palm Bay. So you don't go through to another room to pay from a waiting room. It was busy but not as much as TL. Very quiet in there. The staff were quite cold. But also, could have been the masks.

I went to Muv in Sebastian as well. I got crumble from them. I am happy with all of it. the Slurricane is more like Budder than Crumble. Strawberry Cough is my fave. I wish I could have gotten some rosin from them.
In store experience at Muv was fantastic. The place is like a European spa. The people are very friendly and welcoming. The clerk showed me around and talked about some product with me. Very nice. Would go back again for sure. The anxiety part of me hated it though, just wanted to get in and get product and leave. Which other customers definitely did. I think they did a little extra because it was my first time there. Also, you get a 25% off first time discount and then they will use the card the doctor gave me! So 25% in the first 2 visits for me!

I ordered from Grow Healthy. Due some bad communication on my part they gave me a quarter of Silicon Valley OG. Its wonderful. Very relaxing in the body and calms the mind. I'm glad I ended up with extra. The cure is nice and the buds are trimmed well.
I got it delivered and that was great easy, highly recommend!

Finally, I did make an order to OnePlant. I saw all the MAC1 posts and just decided I had to try it for myself. Also, I went a bit mad and ordered some of their other strains because they had so many options (and no dispensaries near me have had more than 2 options).
MAC 1 - I got the 8/3 batch and it's fantastic. Very relaxing to the body. Not much smell tho.
Star Dawg- leafy, not memorable
Giesel - cut very well, citrusy smell, taste is nice, good uplifting high
Ebony and Ivory - I loved this. Put a smile on my face and just very happy uplift. Smooth vanilla taste.
Chem Sis - leafy, dry, relaxing, forgettable
Fish Whistle - leafy, dry, also forgettable
The delivery on this one was super easy. I liked the bag it came in. BUT 2 of the eights came in at 3.4gs. I let them know and they said they'd notate it on my account. This isn't a huge deal, but TL has been weighing out closer to 3.7gs each time and their shit is fire.
THEN they double dispensed my prescription on accident. So, I ended up getting some shipwreck from TL and couldn't pick it up because my prescription was totalled! I spoke with someone at OnePlant on their online chat and they said they would message someone and have them reach out to me. I never heard from anyone. I checked the MMU registry and saw they made the correction. But still, to not even contacted me! So lame. I won't be using them again for sure. The MAC1 is way over priced and the Ebony and Ivory is lovely but not worth it to deal with people that don't even care.
I still need to try VidaCann, Liberty Health, and Curaleaf. But they just don't have much product to pick from. The VidaCan near me also has been showing the same flower for a long time. So, idk what that says about them. Is their supplier that good or is the stock just sitting there?
Also, I haven't really seen much sticky moist bud at all. It's mostly been quite dry all around.
TLDR: For Brevard my vote goes to TL.
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2020.08.31 20:38 ArdaAkpinar Emre Kocadağ addresses Kalinic, Papis Cisse, Montero, Balotelli and asks the fans to be patient.

Emre Kocadağ addresses the people we have “been linked with” in this interview.
He says:
1) Kalinic wants €3,000,000-€4,000,000 a season on a 3-4 year deal. But we allegedly said NO.
2) Says that Kalinic and 2 other alternatives (targets not disclosed) are in talks with Beşiktaş.
3) There’s been offers from Europe regarding Vida and “we are negotiating” with them to get a decent price.
4) Confirms that we have loaned Montero and he will land in Istanbul shortly.
5) Nazım Sangare is an option, but if they can get him at a good price it would work out. But they “have other alternatives aswell”
6) Says that Sergen is interested in Gokhan and is looking to secure a deal with Malatyaspor. If he can sort out some issue he has with his current club.
7) The Balotelli agreement didn’t go through but he was contacted by our club.
8) Addresses the relationship with Sergen and says there’s nothing wrong.
9) Explains that, if Fatih didnt do well with Sivasspor, they wouldn’t have valued him the same as our new signing and flop Welinton.
The source is here
The interview with Sercan Dikme and Emre Kocadağ on A Spor
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2020.08.30 21:52 mrburnside Anybody tried Cazul mezcal front total wine?

Total Wine has a Cazul spirits direct 90 proof joven espadin mezcal. ~$35 for a 750. I assume it won't be great but I hesitated and didn't buy. Has anybody tried it?
Edit: I picked it up. I wouldn't recommend it. I've had the Cazul tequila and enjoyed it. This was not so good. The nose is an iodine bomb. And it has a hot short finish. I'll finish this bottle as a mixer but I won't get another bottle. I prefer vida at this price point.
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2020.08.27 02:04 menem95 Análisis The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS)

Hola! Hace un par de semanas compartí una breve investigación que había hecho sobre American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL) que fue relativamente bien recibida. Ahora comparto esta que hice sobre Disney (NYSE:DIS), quizás a alguien le sirva. Por supuesto recibo criticas, sugerencias, puteadas, etc.
-Link análisis AAL:

The Walt Disney Company (DIS)

The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) es una compañía multinacional estadounidense dedicada principalmente a los medios de comunicación masivos y a la industria del entretenimiento. Su sede está en Burbank, California, EEUU. La compañía cotiza bajo el ticker DIS, en Nueva York, a un precio de US$ 127,44 al 23/8/2020. Goza de un tamaño prominente, teniendo 223 mil empleados y una capitalización de mercado de 230.292M de dólares. Disney integra el índice Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) desde 1991, y también integra el S&P 100 y el S&P 500.
Evaluando más en detalle el desempeño de la acción, la acción cotiza US$ 127,44 al 23/8/2020. Hace aproximadamente un año, el 26/8/2019 la acción cotizaba a US$ 137,26 lo que representa una caída aproximada del 7,15% anual (TTM). La caída es mas pronunciada YTD, Disney cotizaba US$ 148,2 a principios de año, por lo que al día de hoy la caída seria del 14%. No obstante, la acción a recuperado bastante valor después de la caída pronunciada que sufrió en Febrero-Marzo, llegando a cerrar a US$ 85,76 el 23/3/20 (habiendo subido un 48% desde entonces). Es para destacar que desde dicha caída se vio un significativo incremento en el volumen operado del papel. Mirando brevemente las medias móviles, vemos que la cotización actual esta por encima del promedio de 30 días (US$ 122,73), del de 90 días (US$ 115,98) y de 200 días (US$ 124,12). Con respecto al mercado, al 25/8, desde comienzo de año Disney se desempeñó por debajo del S&P 500 (5,7%), y del DJIA (-2,15%), con desempeño de -12,42% YTD.[1]
La compañía fue fundada en 1923 por los hermanos Walt y Roy Disney. A lo largo de su historia, Disney se consolidó como líder en la industria de animación estadounidense y luego diversificó sus negocios dedicándose a la producción de películas live-action, televisión y parques temáticos. A partir de 1980 Disney creo y adquirió diversas divisiones corporativas, para penetrar en mercados que fueran mas allá de sus marcas insignia orientadas a productos familiares.
Disney es conocida por su división de estudios cinematográficos (The Walt Disney Studios), que incluye Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Studios, Searchlight Pictures y Blue Sky Studios. Otras unidades y segmentos de la compañía son Disney Media Networks; Disney Parks, Experiences and Products y Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International. A través de estas unidades, Disney posee y opera canales de televisión como ABC, Disney Channel, ESPN, Freeform, FX y National Geographic, así como también venta de publicidad, merchandising y música. También tiene divisiones de producción teatral (Disney Theatrical Group) y posee un grupo de 14 parques temáticos alrededor del mundo.
Es evidente la complejidad de las operaciones de Disney, por lo que vale la pena ir un poco mas a fondo en la composición de los segmentos operativos de Disney, en base al reporte anual de 2019 (mas representativo que el ultimo reporte trimestral en medio de la pandemia), donde encontramos cuatro segmentos relevantes. El primer segmento, denominado “Media Networks”, compuesto principalmente por los canales domésticos de TV, este segmento generó 24.827M US$ de ingresos en 2019 (un 34,7% del total). El segundo segmento es el de “Parks, Experiences and Products”, compuesto por los parques temáticos, resorts y cruceros de las compañías, así como también de las licencias de los nombres, personajes y marcas de la compañía y de los productos de merchandising propios, este segmento reportó 26.225M US$ de ingresos en 2019 (un 36,66% del total, el segmento mas relevante de la compañía). El tercer segmento, es el de “Studio Entertainment” que contiene las operaciones de producción de películas, música y obras de teatro, así como también los servicios de post-produccion. Este segmento reportó 11.127M US$ (un 15,55% del total). El ultimo segmento, quizás el mas interesante es “Direct-to-Consumer & International”, donde además de contener las operaciones internacionales de TV y servicios de distribución de contenido digital como apps y paginas web, se incluyen las unidades de servicios de streaming de Disney, compuestas principalmente por Hulu, ESPN+ y Disney+. Este sector reporto ingresos por 9.349M US$ (un 13,07%, enorme incremento respecto del 5,6% que reportó en 2018).
Respecto a la distribución territorial de las operaciones, es notorio el bagaje del mercado doméstico (EEUU y Canadá) donde concentraron en 2019 el 72,6% de las operaciones. Vale destacar también que hubo un incremento significativo interanual de las operaciones en los mercados de Asia-Pacífico (del 9,3% al 11,2%) y en Latinoamérica y otros mercados (del 3,09% al 4,61%).
En lo que respecta a la política de dividendos de la compañía, encontré registros de pago constante de dividendos desde al menos 1989. El ultimo dividendo fue el 13/12, habiendo pagado $0,88 y arrojando un dividend yield anual de 1,2%. La compañía decidió omitir el dividendo semestral correspondiente al primer semestre de 2020 por la pandemia del COVID-19.[2]
Evaluando un poco la posición financiera de la empresa, a junio de 2020, según el balance presentado, Disney tenia activos corrientes por 41.330M US$ y pasivos corrientes por 30.917M US$, lo que resulta en un working capital (activos corrientes netos, activos corrientes menos pasivos corrientes) de 10.413 US$. El working capital entonces representa el 33,68% de los pasivos corrientes (Con lo cual, el current ratio es de 1,34 apreciándose una mejoría respecto del 0,9 reportado en septiembre 2019). En relación con la deuda de largo plazo, la podemos estimar en 70.052M US$ (borrowings + other long-term liabilities), dado que en septiembre 2019 la cifra era de 51.889M US$, vemos que sufrió un aumento considerable (en el orden del 35%).
Respecto a los flujos de efectivo de Disney, vemos que en lo que va del año fiscal (septiembre 2019-junio 2020) Disney reportó flujo de efectivo por operaciones por 5949M US$, casi lo mismo que reportó para todo el año fiscal 2019 (5984M US$). Viendo la evolución de 10 años del CF de operaciones:

Año (sept-sept) 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
CF de operaciones (mill. USD) 6578 6994 7966 9452 9780 11385 13136 12343 14295 5984
Dif. Anual % 6,32 13,9 18,65 3,47 16,41 15,38 -6,04 15,81 -58,14
Viendo la evolución en 10 años del flujo de efectivo de operaciones, vemos que en 2019 hubo una drástica reversión de la tendencia al alza que se venia reportando (con un 58,14% de caída interanual). Esto se debe en parte a la política de adquisiciones de la empresa, que vemos reflejado en el flujo de efectivo por inversiones, equivalente en 2019 a -15.096M US$ (muy por encima del promedio de 2010-2018, equivalente a -4179,4M US$).
En lo relativo a las ganancias de la compañía, para el Q2 2020[3] Disney reportó pérdidas por 4721M US$ (contra una ganancia de 1760M US$ para el Q2 2019). La situación se atenúa considerando las cifras para los últimos nueve meses (Q4 2019-Q2 2020), donde Disney totalizó perdidas por 1813M US$. No obstante, la situación del COVID-19 distorsiona nuestro análisis a largo plazo, por lo que para analizar la evolución interanual desde los últimos 10 años, utilizare los datos de los reportes anuales (datando el ultimo de septiembre 2019).

Año (sept-sept) 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Net Income (mill. USD) 3963 4807 5682 6136 7501 8382 9391 8980 12598 11054
Dif. Anual % 21,3 18,2 7,99 22,25 11,75 12,04 -4,38 40,29 -12,26
Como se puede ver en el cuadro, pese al revés sufrido por las obvias complicaciones de la pandemia, el historial de ganancias de Disney es sólido. La compañía tuvo en los últimos 10 años, 2 años de contracción en las ganancias (2017 y 2019), pero en términos generales, las ganancias crecieron a una tasa promedio del 13,02% los últimos 10 años. Para evaluar el crecimiento general estos 10 años, si tomamos el promedio de los primeros 3 años (2010-2012) y el promedio de los últimos 3 (2017-2019), las ganancias de Disney crecieron un 125,8%.
Mirando un poco de ratios, analizaré el EPS (Earnings Per Share) de la acción. Para el Q2 2020, Disney presentó un EPS negativo, de -2,61, contra un 0,98 obtenido en el Q2 2019. Refiriéndonos al desempeño pre-pandemia, el EPS promedio anual de los últimos 5 años fue de 6,3 y el ultimo EPS anual reportado (septiembre 2019) estaba ligeramente por encima, alrededor de 6,68.[4] En lo respectivo al Price/Earning, el P/E (TTM) al valor de la acción del 23/8 es de -208,9. No obstante, si eliminamos la distorsión producto de la pandemia, calculando las ganancias promedio de los últimos 3 años (de acuerdo con los reportes anuales), es de 18,38, lo cual es un valor aceptable dada la coyuntura de los últimos años. En lo que respecta al Price-To-Book (P/B) ratio, el book value a junio 2020, es de 50, por lo que el P/B (siempre al precio del 23/8) es de 2,54, un valor razonable dados los promedios de los sectores en los que Disney tiene incidencia.[5] El ultimo ratio a analizar es Price/Assets (P/E*P/B) que, (usando P/E con promedio de las ganancias de los últimos 3 años) arroja un valor de 46,68.
Sobre el soporte institucional de la compañía, Disney tiene un apoyo considerable, calculado en el 66,42% del flotante en manos de instituciones. Los tenedores líderes son Vanguard con el 8,22%; BlackRock (NYSE:BLK) con el 6,32% y State Street Corporation (NYSE:STT) con el 4,19%. Otros tenedores significantes (1-2%) son Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), MorganStanley (NYSE:MS) y Bank of New York Mellon (NYSE:BK).[6]
En lo respectivo al management de Disney, la primera consideración importante es respecto al legendario CEO de la compañía, Robert “Bob” Iger, quien, en febrero de este año, después de posponerlo por años, decidió dar un paso al costado como CEO de la compañía, dejando a cargo al director del segmento de Parques y Resorts, Bob Chapek. Esto duró poco, y en abril Iger volvió a tomar las riendas de la compañía.[7] No obstante, es altamente probable que, una vez estabilizado el panorama Iger retome su frustrado plan de dar un paso al costado.[8] En lo relativo a la compensación, Iger cobró 47.525.560 US$, los executive officers una remuneración promedio de 11.319.422 US$ y el empleado promedio de Disney cobró 52.184 US$.[9]
Una cosa que llama la atención del balance de Disney (septiembre 2019), es el incremento notorio del goodwill (de 31.269M US$ a 80.293M US$, un aumento del 157%). No obstante, este incremento puede deberse a la política de fusiones y adquisiciones de la compañía. Disney viene llevando en los últimos años una política de adquisiciones relativamente agresiva, ideada por el CEO Bob Iger, de las cuales podemos destacar 4 o 5 operaciones clave, la primera de ellas fue la adquisición de Pixar, la famosa empresa de animación que había despegado bajo la conducción de Steve Jobs y Ed Catmull, en 2006 por 7,4MM US$ (de esa adquisición se beneficiaron sacando películas muy exitosas como Up, Wall-E, Ratatouille, Toy Story 3, etc.). Otra adquisición clave, fue la compra de Marvel en 2009 por 4MM US$ (La última de sus películas Avengers: Endgame, la más taquillera de la historia de Disney, vendió entradas por 3MM US$). En 2012, Disney compró Lucasfilm (histórica productora de Star Wars), por 4,05MM US$, y posteriormente anunció una muy lucrativa tercera trilogía de Star Wars. Por último, en marzo de 2019, Disney concretó la adquisición de 2oth Century Fox, en marzo de 2019, por la extraordinaria cifra de 73MM US$, sus resultados aún están por verse.[10]
Analizar la competencia de Disney es algo trabajoso, dado la variedad de sectores en los que se involucra y la falta de compañías que abarquen tantos sectores como Disney. Considero que la compañía que más se aproxima en cuanto a sus operaciones y al volumen de las mismas es Comcast (NASDAQ:CMSCA), si bien Disney compite con numerosas empresas en numerosos sectores, como podrían ser, por ejemplo Cedar Fair (NYSE:FUN) o Six Flags (NYSE:SIX) en el negocio de los parques temáticos; ViacomCBS (NYSE:VIAC) o Discovery Communications (NASDAQ:DISCA) en el negocio mediático; así como Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) o Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) en el negocio del streaming, sobre los cuales hablare más adelante. También compite con segmentos de negocios de conglomerados grandes como Sony (NYSE: SNE) o AT&T (NYSE:T).
Observando a Comcast, el acérrimo rival, vemos que la capitalización bursátil es similar, siendo de 198.301M US$ para Comcast y de 234.538M US$ para Disney, así como los empleados, teniendo 190.000 (CMCSA) y 236.000 (DISN). El desempeño de ambas acciones es parejo, en términos generales Comcast tuvo mejor performance, sobre todo YTD (-3,47% contra -10,26%). En los márgenes y ratios también gana Comcast, supera ampliamente en gross margin (TTM) a Disney, con 56,78% contra 27,95% y en net margin (TTM) con 10,91% frente a un pobre -1,91%. El EPS (TTM) da 2,53 para Comcast contra -0,6 para Disney. Consecuentemente, Comcast pudo mantener un P/E positivo de 17,56.
Si bien los números parecen positivos en la comparación para el lado de Comcast, me parece relevante destacar que lo mismo que fue su mayor ventaja comparativa (la composición de sus segmentos operativos), puede ser lo que la haga perder en la comparación a futuro, dada la absoluta supremacía que tiene la operatoria relacionada con la televisión, así como la falta de un segmento de negocios dedicado al streaming de video (sobre el cual también me referiré mas adelante).[11]
Para analizar el futuro, creo que es relevante hacer unas breves conclusiones sobre la actualidad. En primer lugar, los segmentos operativos mas afectados fueron el segmento de parques temáticos, resorts, etc. y el segmento de los estudios cinematográficos con lo cual los ingresos de Disney este último trimestre quedaron a cargo, principalmente, de los canales de TV (que sufrieron una breve baja del 2%) y de los servicios de streaming.
Empezando por los sectores más afectados, respecto a la producción fílmica (Studio Entertainment), me parece que la situación no es crítica, claramente la situación de la pandemia redujo fuertemente los ingresos del sector (al haberse reducido lógicamente la asistencia a salas de cine). No obstante, el manejo del sector viene siendo exitoso hace años (en los últimos 2 años lanzaron 3 de las 4 películas más taquilleras de la historia de la compañía, Endgame, Infinity War, y el live-action de El Rey León), y no hay indicios de que esto vaya a cambiar en el futuro (hay un esquema de estrenos futuros interesante).[12]
En lo que respecta a los parques, las perspectivas no son tan buenas. La caída para el Q2 2020 fue del 85% en relación al Q2 2019. Es evidente que al haber una cuestión sanitaria de por medio, el turismo va a ser uno de los sectores mas afectados, habiendo sufrido una caída increíble en la primera mitad del año. [13] Actualmente, la actividad comercial de los parques temáticos está empezando a reanudarse, habiendo reabierto las operaciones en Walt Disney World en Florida, y estando a la espera de reabrir Disneyland en California, dada la incertidumbre de la pandemia.[14] No obstante, la recuperación fue peor de lo esperado y a partir de Septiembre Walt Disney World recortará los horarios de sus parques.[15] Asimismo, comparativamente, el desempeño de Universal Studios (propiedad de Comcast), parece ser mejor que el de Disney en esta reapertura.[16] No obstante, es importante destacar el carácter de líder absoluto de Disney en este sector,[17] con una competencia que difícilmente pueda igualar su posición, con lo cual si bien el desempeño en el corto plazo puede ser inferior al de la competencia, es altamente probable que recupere su posición dominante en el mediano-largo plazo.
Es interesante ver, en tercer lugar, el segmento “Media Networks” que consiste principalmente en los canales de TV que Disney posee. Este sector no tuvo una caída significante (solo del 2% para el Q2 2020 en relacion al Q2 2019) en el corto plazo, pero en el largo plazo, es evidente que la tendencia del sector es a desaparecer. Las encuestas y reportes muestran un lento descenso año tras año de la audiencia, tanto de TV en vivo, TV diferida y radio.[18] Con lo cual, a largo plazo, es previsible que este segmento sufra una disminución considerable en su volumen de operaciones.
También es previsible (y así lo reflejan las encuestas), que el reemplazo de la TV tradicional sea protagonizado por los servicios de video streaming (VOD), es decir, por las operaciones del cuarto segmento (Direct-to-Consumer). Disney tiene hoy 3 servicios de streaming, Hulu, ESPN+, y Disney+ (ofrece los tres en un bundle que cuesta US$ 12,99). Como ya dijimos, el incremento de los ingresos por estos servicios durante el FY 2019 fue significante. Veamos la evolución de los subscriptores a estos servicios en lo que va del FY 2020 (es decir, Q4 2019, Q1 2020 y Q2 2020).
Q4 2019 Q1 2020 Q2 2020
Hulu 30,4M 32,1M (+5,6%) 35,5M (+10,6%)
ESPN+ 6,6M 7,9M (+19,7%) 8,5M (+7,6%)
Disney+ 26,5M 33,5M (+26,4%) 57,5M (+71,6%)
Como se puede apreciar, el crecimiento es destacable, sobre todo de Disney+. Yendo producto por producto, cuesta encontrar competidores comparables con ESPN+, con lo cual Disney no tiene mucha competencia. Por su parte Hulu y Disney + son complementarios, la diferencia entre uno y otro radica principalmente en el catálogo (el de Hulu es un poco más ecléctico, el de D+ se centra principalmente en contenidos de marcas propias de Disney), así como también pequeñas características de Hulu que lo diferencian de otros servicios de streaming (incluyendo una versión alternativa de suscripción que incluye TV en directo). Estos dos servicios si se enfrentan a una feroz competencia, participando de la contienda denominada “streaming war” con gigantes como Netflix o Amazon Prime Video.
En ese orden, mientras Netflix tiene 193 millones de subscriptores,[19] y Amazon ostenta un numero similar o superior (habiendo ganado mas de 100M de subscriptores en un año), [20] Disney tiene solo 93 millones entre Disney+ y Hulu (nada mal, considerando que Disney+ está en su primer año de vida). Mirando hacia adelante es posible que el servicio que ofrece Disney expanda su base de subscriptores, así como también es muy probable que la competencia se recrudezca (incluyendo la incidencia de otros servicios como Apple TV+). En ese contexto, el principal motivo para pensar que Disney podría ganar la “guerra” los próximos años podría ser el amplísimo catálogo de licencias de personajes, series, y películas que posee el conglomerado (Star Wars, Los Simpson, Marvel y todos sus superhéroes, por solo mencionar algunos), que podrían tener muchísimo mas peso que las producciones originales de sus competidores. Por otro lado, el servicio de Amazon, por ejemplo, resulta mas atractivo en cuanto a pricing, porque le es ofrecido como un beneficio a todos los que cuentan con una subscripción de Amazon Prime)
A forma de conclusión, es difícil imaginar un futuro adverso a largo plazo para Disney. Sin embargo, su desempeño en el corto-mediano plazo dependerá de varios factores (quizás valga la pena analizar Comcast para el corto-mediano plazo, para el largo parece ser una desventaja fatal el hecho de que no estén compitiendo fuerte en la guerra por el streaming), en mi opinión, principalmente de la reactivación del turismo (tanto domestico como internacional) así como del desempeño de sus servicios de streaming (y el desempeño de sus competidores).
-Forms 10-K y 10-Q, principalmente los últimos, toda la información esta en
-Yahoo! Finance:
-Otras fuentes, especificadas en los footnotes

[1] Datos en base a gráficos de
[2] Datos de y
[3] El año fiscal de Disney comienza en septiembre, por lo que los reportes de ellos (y el orden de los trimestres del año fiscal) se presentan en consecuencia. No obstante, cada vez que me refiera a un determinado trimestre o quarter, lo hago en base al año calendario.
[4] En base a datos de los filings ante la SEC y de
[5] En base a una comparación con datos de
[6] Información de
[7] Información de
[8] Si se quiere mas insight sobre Bob Iger, es recomendable la biografía de Steve Jobs que hizo Walter Isaacson
[9] Datos del proxy statement de 2020
[10] Ver , , , , entre otros
[11] Comparaciones con el screener de TradingView:
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[19] Form 10-Q Q2 2020 Netflix:
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2020.08.25 21:41 Sprocket101 Bemused UK

Hi everyone, I've just watched the 40mins Enter the Kettlebell video that's in Amazon Prime in the UK. Entertaining stuff.
I'm a bit bemused though, there was no actual workout just loads of different movements. There's also another video by a guy named Caveman Kettlebell(I think) who has some free downloadable PDF's if you use the link on his video (also on prime), but he says "if you're paying for Vida you know what you're doing".
I'm 42, fat (20st) and 5ft 10". Where do I start? Also, I only have a 9kg Kettlebell which I know is too light (16kg apparently), but I figured I could get some technique down and then invest in a 16kg one.
Thanks in advance. I've seen the links for the Kettlebells on here, but they're US and the postage is as much as the Kettlebell so if anyone knows of reasonably priced UK places please let me know.
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2020.08.24 10:22 GrassBerry639 WLW Canon Ships Masterlist (this'll obviously take a while but feel free to add on in the comments)

a guide to popular wlw culture around the web ( a survey'll be made to confirm the popularity of each ship and be reordered accordingly, it's sorta random right now):
(I'm only adding like ten right now this is sort of exhausting but we'll build it up as we go! I'm just starting with the ones I'm really familiar with right now:)
TV Shows:
Ship C/W Popular Ship Name TV Show Seasons in Obvious Build-Up/ Canon Sexuality Country Additional LGBTQ+ Rep
Santana Lopez/Brittany S. Pierce mentions of sex, active making out, some light non-kid-friendly content Brittana Glee (2009-2015) Seasons 2-6 Lesbian/Bi USA central gay couple, multiple other trans/gay characters
Casey GardeneIzzie light mentions of sex? Cazzie Atypical (2017-) Seasons 2 - Bi-coded/unconfirmed USA -
Adora/Catra NA Catradora She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018 - 2020) Season 5 Unconfirmed USA multiple other sapphic and gay characters
Nomi Marka/Amanita some nudity, graphic sex, violence, language Nomanita Sense8 (2015 - 2017) Seasons 1-2 Unconfirmed USA Nomi's trans as well, there are other gay main characters
Annalise Keating/Eve Rothlo semi-graphic sex, language, light violence - How to Get Away with Murder (2014-2020) Season 2, mostly Bi/lesbian USA Multiple main gay characters and sapphic love interests...
Annalise Keating/Tegan Price " Tegalise " Season 6 " " ...other minor queer characters across the spectrum
Piper Chapman/Alex Vause graphic sex, nudity, language, etc. Vauseman Orange is the New Black (2013 - 2020) Seasons 1-7 Bi/ - USA practically everyone on this show's sapphic, trans protagonist, dozens of queer characters.
there are like a hundred other interracial wlw ships from this show I'll add them all when I have more energy " " " - - " "
Rue Bennett/Jules Vaughn graphic sex, nudity, language - Euphoria (2019 -) Season 1 - - USA Jules is trans, lots of other queer main characters
graphic sex, nudity, language Vida (2017-2020) Seasons 1-3 Fluid/labelless USA practically everyone's queer
Waverly Earp/Nicole Haught violence, light sex Wayhaught Wynonna Earp (2017-) Seasons 1-5 - USA lots of other queer characters
Emily/Maya references to sex, active making out Emaya Pretty Little Liars Seasons 1-2 Lesbian/bi USA sapphic love interests, mainly
Emily/Paige " Paily " Seasons 1-7 Lesbian/lesbian " -
Emily/Alison " Emison " Seasons 5-7 Lesbian/bi " -
Broad City
Everything Sucks!
I Am Not Okay with This
Killing Eve
Dead to Me
Little Fires Everywhere
Kippo and the Age of Underbeasts
Motherland: Fort Salem
The L Word
Skam Espana
Skam France

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2020.08.20 04:27 RingoStarr39 [For Sale] Beatles + various 60's and 70's rock albums

I'm trying to thin my collection of doubles and stuff I don't need anymore. Any of the following can be play tested or a Discogs link to the exact pressing provided on request. Please make sure you can pay with PayPal.
I'm located in Pennsylvania, USA and shipping will be $4 for the first LP and $1 for each after that (in the US at least). I'm new to selling on here but I have 100% feedback on Discogs:

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2020.08.18 16:32 TedTheodoreLoganJr Landlord is mass evicting people on our street in order to raise rent on the houses.

Hey guys, I need some help, while my family hasn’t been affected by this yet we fear we may be next.
Since things have started opening back up in our Province I’ve noticed a few people being evicted on our street, we didn’t think much of it until it happened to our neighbor. She filled us in and said they are evicting people because they want to raise the rent by 400 dollars a month and can’t do that legally while people are still living in the units. It seems the landlords are latching onto any excuse to have people evicted and running with it.
A couple weeks ago my neighbor got into an argument with an older lady who lives next to her. The older lady was complaining that my neighbours kids were too loud, even though it was the middle of the day, they got into a heated argument while I was outside with my kids. They were throwing insults at each other until the older lady called my neighbor a “n****r bitch”. After that it just escalated and everyone was yelling at this old woman for being blatantly racist. After that we find out the old woman complained to the landlord about my neighbor and soon after my neighbor got an eviction notice.
Since then three more families have been evicted on our street with another 3 who are awaiting eviction. After those first three families left the listing for the units went up in price by $400 per month. It’s happening all around us and we figure it won’t be long until they come knocking on our door.
Is there anything we can do legally if they do come knocking? We are picture perfect tenants, to the point where we don’t even ask for repairs, we just do it ourselves. We are never behind on our bills and everything is paid on time, normally this would give us a sense of security but our neighbor was also always on time with her bills as well so that doesn’t do much to reassure us.
Some background information that may help...
We live in Nova Scotia Canada. The company we are renting from is called Vida Living. It’s low income housing that we are currently utilizing until my wife finishes her engineering degree, which will be in the next year, Covid willing.
If there’s any other information needed please feel free to ask, I’ll be checking this post often.
Thanks in advance for any and all help you can give.
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The Schwenke Family Perform 'Price Tag' by Jessie J ... Coldplay - Viva La Vida (Official Video) - YouTube Jessie J - Price Tag (Anne)  The Voice Kids 2016  Blind ... La Vie Est Belle Comprobar que tu perfume no es falsificado Prince Royce - Morir Solo (Official Video) - YouTube Beautiful Women on Friday Night Cartagena Colombia 4K ... VAC-VIDA VS301 Vacuum Chamber Sealer  Product Overview ... Prince Of Persia Warrior Within:las 9 mejoras de vida ... Alemán - Gran Vida (Video Oficial) - YouTube Jessie J - Price Tag (Lyrics) feat. B.o.B - YouTube

Vida Hair and Beauty » Price list

  1. The Schwenke Family Perform 'Price Tag' by Jessie J ...
  2. Coldplay - Viva La Vida (Official Video) - YouTube
  3. Jessie J - Price Tag (Anne) The Voice Kids 2016 Blind ...
  4. La Vie Est Belle Comprobar que tu perfume no es falsificado
  5. Prince Royce - Morir Solo (Official Video) - YouTube
  6. Beautiful Women on Friday Night Cartagena Colombia 4K ...
  7. VAC-VIDA VS301 Vacuum Chamber Sealer Product Overview ...
  8. Prince Of Persia Warrior Within:las 9 mejoras de vida ...
  9. Alemán - Gran Vida (Video Oficial) - YouTube
  10. Jessie J - Price Tag (Lyrics) feat. B.o.B - YouTube

Learn how to sing in only 30 days with these easy, fun video lessons! -- 'Jessie J - Price Tag (Lyrics) feat. B.o... Gran Vida es el primer sencillo del nuevo álbum Huracán 2020. Quiero agradecer por hacerme crecer Por esta papa que voy a comer Por la gran vida que voy a te... Prince Royce - Morir Solo (Official Video) Director: Fernando Lugo Productor: Fabiana Olive Casa Productora: Fernando Lugo, Inc. Música Disponible/Available ... Anne sings 'Price Tag' by Jessie J. More Girlpower in The Voice Kids Germany: Subscribe to The Voice Kids and always see new clip... Introducing the VAC-VIDA VS301 Vacuum Chamber Sealer. Available at or Top 5 perfumes para toda la vida - Duration: 8:38. Ángeles Parfum 405,036 views. 8:38. TOP PERFUMES PARA TODA LA VIDA ♥ Isa Ramirez - Duration: 19:58. Isa Ramirez Youtuber 7,345 views. aca dejo mas que nada para la gente que me estuvo diciendo como conseguirlas, pues aqui lo tienen =/. PD:para los que dicen x q by sergio98 es xq es mi otro ... Coldplay - Viva La Vida is taken from the album Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends released in 2008 (hear the album at These Aussie siblings garner HUGE applause from the audience with their performance of 'Price Tag' by Jessie J on the America's Most Musical Family stage! ... We are in Cartagena de Indias Colombia, on Friday and Saturday are the days where there is more nightlife in all cities and Cartagena is not the exception, a...